Happy Birthday Marine Corps

So as a present to Andy for the Marine Corps Birthday (November 11, 1775), Nathan and I bought him an awesome bow and arrow with eagles carved in it. We were on our way home to meet my Dad up at our place for dinner. But as we were passing one of the many cheesy Colorado souvenir stores on the 16th Street Mall, we got a hair-brained idea on how to say thank you? What says thank you than fake Native-American gifts. We debated over a miniature statue, or a baby Native-American in a papoose, but when I saw the bow and arrow with the eagles carved in it, it just said “thanks for defending America!”. Andy was elated with the gift.

He loved it so much in fact that later that night, as I was getting out of the shower, I heard a crash upstairs. I figured it was just the dogs, but when I got upstairs and asked Andy he was holding the bow and trying to hide it behind his back. hahaha. He had to be reminded that shooting arrows in the house was not a good idea.


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