Season’s cleaning….err greetings.

I don’t know about the rest of you….all two of you who read my blog (Thanks Katie and Teresa!)…but my massive cleaning endeavors can never be limited to just the standard “spring cleaning”. I like to blame our three rambunctious, dirt-loving Pit Bulls, but then I think ‘hey that isn’t fair’ after all it’s Andy’s fault too. hahaha. No, I could never be responsible for any mess that gets overlooked for long enough that eventually every inch of the house needs to be cleaned and straightened. Never! Well because I am such a procrastinator when it comes to cleaning…hang on, let me clarify so you don’t get grossed out, I sweep the floor every couple of days (just because our kids are short hairs doesn’t detract from the fact that 3 dogs is basically equal to a long hair that sheds all the time) and I keep up with the laundry, change the sheets, load the dishwasher every once in a while and run that…usually when we run out of silverware because we have an inordinate amount of plates and glasses. We could go for weeks! And when I have a second I clean my bathroom (note “my” bathroom. Andy is supposed to clean the upstairs one….Note to self “why did Andy end up with the bathroom that all our guests use?” bad idea). But even when I slowly work my way through the house to the different chores stuff still gets overlooked and eventually, I hit the point where I can’t stand it anymore. So I make a giant list and Andy and I embark on a “jam session” of cleaning.
The best strategy for us is to plan a party where a bunch of our friends will be coming over. This is the catalyst that starts the whole cleaning epidemic. And as long as the parties don’t get too out of hand usually we just have some paper products and food to clean up and then voila our house is magnificent (for a few days at least).
This is going to be a little bit of a crazy holiday season. Not only do I have some major deadlines at work, my architectural exams, and a hefty list of home-made holiday gifts to compete with, but Andy’s little sister, Emily, is also graduating from college on December 19th. So much of his family (and I mean practically everyone) is going to be in town. Somehow we have been spared from having any house guests, not by choice or anything, everyone just made other plans. But I am sure we’ll still have our fair share of visitors. So thank goodness I decided to have a holiday party this Friday so that the house will hopefully stay semi-clean for another three weeks until after Christmas. Fingers crossed on that one!
In other news my sewing room got a good rummaging-over this last weekend while I looked for my plastic quilting measuring thingy. I sew and craft, but I am definitely not up on the lingo. After years of putting off Andy’s quilt, I am finally getting to it! And just like the saying “go big or go home” it is going to be King-sized. Originally I had planned on just doing a twin-sized quilt, but that doesn’t really make sense considering the fact that we don’t have a twin-sized bed in our house. But ever the corner-cutter that I am, I am contemplating the idea of just making it a duvet cover for our bedspread. First of all, finishing 8’x8′ of fabric with my viking is do-able, but definitely not a fun way to spend a weekend. Secondly, I only have a few weeks and with all the other things I want to accomplish, I have to find some way to ease the pressure. So that is the initial plan, but we’ll see how it goes. Anyhoo, the rummaging for the plastic thingy led to me going through my stockpile of fabrics. The only positive thing about realizing the large amount of fabrics I have is the notion (hahaha sewing pun) that I didn’t pay for it all out of my own pocket. A lot of it is from my mom (super-cute suiting that will turn into at least one high-waisted skirt someday!) and some is from my mom’s cousin who used to make mardi-gras costumes (lots of crazy stuff). But nevertheless, there is a TON of fabric. Like enough that I could sew something new every few days for a year and most likely I would still have fabric left. Which reminds me I better take my Swedish companion in for a tune-up and oiling before I start any of those projects. How does that much fabric pile up? Well seven years of college, that’s how. But I am determined to get through all of it in the next couple of years (trying to give myself a nice long deadline). And I am going to TRY to not buy any new fabrics (minus linings and such to accompany the pieces I will be making…notice how I snuck in that little “get out of jail free” card) until I have used up what I already have. I am pretty sure most of it will need to go towards presents for other people because I definitely don’t need that many new clothes! Then again, who am I kidding?
I was going to end there, but you might be wondering if I ever found the plastic measuring thingy and the answer is no, but now that I bought a new one I am sure it will turn up. Isn’t that always how it goes?


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