Tired Thursday Dillusions

Are you ever so tired that your mind convinces you of something that couldn’t possibly be true? Usually I am so worn out on Thursday mornings that really strange things start running through my head. This morning’s was so funny I had to share it.

So this morning I pick out a pair of cute grayish dress pants (one of my favorite pairs) and off I go. Well as I am walking from the train to the office I start realizing a wedgie is developing (just another example of how far I am from Emily Post). So I am thinking about my undies and they are an adorable pair I got from Victoria’s Secret. They are light blue with darker blue hibiscus flowers, so kind of tropical and just plain cute. Well then I am thinking about it and I am pretty certain that I wore this combination of undies and pants last week sometime and suffered from the same wedgie situation. I believe the culprit is the undies but only when paired with this particular pair of pants. Hmmm then my brain makes the odd jump to…my undies and pants are in cahoots! They are somehow communicating with one another so that I am always choosing these pants when I have adorned myself in these undies and then the two are getting together to cause this wedgie….they are trying to embarrass me! Meanwhile I try to peek around me to ensure “correcting” the discomfort will not be seen by anyone. Of course what is usually a deserted landscape every other morning is populated by every car and pedestrian on the planet! (Warning: over-exaggeration). So I am finally able to fix the situation before I come within view of the office building and all is right as rain.

What delusions pop into your head?


2 thoughts on “Tired Thursday Dillusions

  1. Hi Kristina!Oh good, so I am not delusional or at least not more than the average girl it seems. hehehe. That static with slips and skirts has plagued me too. So much so I used to keep a can of static release in my desk drawer at work. Shouldn't slips know that they are supposed to improve the look of an outfit not make it worse?

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