Prove it!

If you have read some of my posts, you know that I brag and brag about how awesome Colorado is….and you might want to say ‘okay Natalie…Prove it!’. Well this last weekend I packed up my little red subaru with my K2’s and off I went to meet up with my dad and his fiance, Shelly, in Steamboat. According to my dad, I have been to Steamboat Springs several times growing up, but this was the first time I have ever skiied there. We’re having kind of an interesting ski season so far, not a whole lot of snow. So I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I did a snow dance the weekend before in the hopes that the moisture gods would line everything up for a nice batch of powder. But when I checked the weather on Friday it said “snow possible 30% chance”, which is a low chance in my opinion. Well I was going anyway, but then as I was making my way up I started to notice that my dance had pleased the makers of the snow. Here’s a pictoral look at one of the most magical and amazing weekend I have had in Colorado!
Armed with only the best equipment, I make my way up I-70 towards Las Montanas de Rockies.
No, I would never put my life and the lives of my fellow drivers (not to mention the well-being of my skiis) in danger by taking a picture while driving.
I made the turn-off on 40 to head north to Steamboat (again I am not driving and taking pictures).
At the base of Steamboat, what is that? Could it be snowing? Friday night brough 4 new inches.
My gosh-darn “pater familias” a.k.a. Dad. Notice his 3-tassle hat (only two tassles visible here) signifying the Expert telemarking rating. I am working towards my first tassle this year.
More Magical-ness!
We were skiing in the snow and fog and then we came down the mountain to see this! Magnifico!
The hot springs at Strawberry Park were amazing, a little crunchy (i.e. lots of hippies) but so relaxing and magical. We spent 3 hours there!
The “changing hut”, notice the lack of door or windows or any privacy for that matter, like I said a little crunchy. But we were already in our suits! HA! Take that. And when we got out it was dark so it didn’t matter that we were butt-naked in front of strangers. Your welcome strangers! 
While we were soaking a giant storm rolled in and dumped around 10 inches of new powder.
Day 2: Even better than the first! Powder Powder and it is all MINE! Well and a couple other people’s too.
Reason number 4 zillion and one for loving Colorado! Gorgeous!
Oh Steamboat how I hated to leave, but thanks for the amazing and magical weekend! I promise I will be back.

3 thoughts on “Prove it!

  1. Oh, does this make me miss the mountains! We're from Montana; we lived right between Bridger Bowl and Big Sky ski resorts. Siiiigh. I sold my skis when we moved to Southern California. Looks like fun!

  2. Natalie–thank you so much for your comment!! I also just saw your 5QF…I didn't get around to everyone (again!!!) this week…my girl weekend wiped me out!I have always wanted to live in CO…seems like a nicer more "mountainy" version of MN! Course, I hear there's not as many lakes…but heck, maybe the mountains are a fair trade!

  3. FUN weekend! Nothing beats poweder. 🙂 I hadn't scrolled down when I was on your page the other day so I didn't realize you were a CO girl. 🙂 I live down by Telluride, so that's my home base! If you check out my other blog (I'm commenting from that "persona" right now) you can see more Tride pics. I love it here!!

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