Have no Fear YakTrax are Here! and a little note to a random stranger

For Christmas this year I received YakTrax from my Dad. For those of you who are unfamiliar with YakTrax they are a stretchy rubber thingy-mi-bobber with spiral wire around the bottom rubber part (FYI this is the scientific description of YakTrax, they put it in laymen’s terms on their packaging). You stretch them around your favorite pair of  flat shoes (they definitely wouldn’t work with any kind of heeled footwear) like so.
And you are good to walk and/or run (difficult to do at the same time, you should try it…run with one leg, walk with the other…and take video) on any icy “I’m out to get you” surface. I have been wanting a set of these for a while and since I am trying to convince myself to train for a triathlon in the winter time, it just makes sense to have a pair for running outside (at least it makes sense if you are trying to avoid breaking your hips). So I unwrap them on Christmas, jump for joy, and then test them out one day on my way to work and wouldn’t ya know, all the ice melts away from all surfaces that I frequent (save for the 8 foot by 14 foot section of driveway where my car is designated to sit ….I sense a conspiracy that the neighbors are secretly filming me trying to get in and out of my car….keep your eyes out for a youtube video.). Well the snow and ice came back Sunday night and today I slapped my YakTrax back on for their second trek of the season! Sure the people on the train think I am crazy, but when I hit the often treacherous 1/4 mile path between the train station and the office building, I did so with confidence that today was not going to be the day that I would fall on my butt! Speaking of people thinking you are crazy on trains…
I was reading my newest book from this post on the train last week. When I stood up to get off the train, I noticed the cyclist standing behind me gave me a funny look. Once I figured out what was going on, I thought I should write him a little note…here we go…ahem.
Dear Mr. Cyclist-Standing-Behind-Me-on-the-Train,
First of all, you have a very long name and perhaps we should officially meet so I can just call you by your first name, until then I am just going to assume your name is John. So John, I am sorry I didn’t fully understand the expression on your face until I got off the train and walked away, but I now realize your expression was one of a person searching for some sort of embarrassment in my face. To answer a few of your wordless questions, yes, I was reading a book with diagrams of the male and female anatomy. No, this doesn’t embarrass me. In fact if you are at all confused about these diagrams, feel free to tap me on the shoulder next time and I would be happy to sit down with you, although preferably on a chair instead of a bike seat, and explain them too you. I think it is very important that everyone know and understand the parts and functions of the human anatomy, therefore I am glad that you were able to see them over my shoulder. Your welcome! By the way John, if I see you on the bike trail I will be sure to call attention to myself by shouting ‘Hey John!’. Happy trails, John, happy trails.
By the way, the TCOYF book is seriously awesome. Um WHY did no one tell me this stuff like 12-20 years ago? I seriously feel like the last woman on the planet that knows. But I am super excited that I know it now!

3 thoughts on “Have no Fear YakTrax are Here! and a little note to a random stranger

  1. I'm SO glad you're finding TCOYF interesting & helpful!! Seriously – instead of the silly class in 5th grade explaining "this is a tampon and this is a pad and you should never have sex until you're married b/c abstinence is the only failproof method" … THIS book makes so much sense. SO MUCH SENSE. Isn't it amazing how much we as women are not automatically taught about our bodies?!

  2. Hah – funny blog post! Good for you for getting out and training despite the weather. I, too, am finally able to get out and run thanks to ice cleats. Mine are Stabilicers – the word is YakTrax are great for a bit then they tend to break. I recommend the Stabilicers Sports specifically designed for runners (lightweight, durable with screws for traction and if you lose a screw (haha- that sounds funny) you can replace them) AND they are made in the USA, not China. You can find them here www32northcom. At least worth looking at the funny videos on their site. Happy running AND reading!

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