6 Down One To GO!

The sickness is gone and after a weekend of skiing with a couple from work and hubby, I am feeling ready to face another week of work….okay maybe that is an exaggeration. BUT I did get home Friday to find the most magical type of letter awaiting me in the mail….the PASS letter for the exam I took at the beginning of February. For those of you who might just be joining us, I am working towards my architectural license….which involves taking 7 exams and forking over a whole crapload of moolah to the State of Colorado, the National Council of Architectural Registration Board, your husband for putting up with your stressed out craziness for another year despite the fact that when you graduated with your masters degree your promised him that now it was him and you time, and this homeless dude named Bob who said he knew all the secrets….okay the last one isn’t true…don’t give Bob money unless you want to. So anyhoosers, This is my 6th Pass and I am in the midst of studying for numero 7 which is to take place on March 10th, unless I have a flip out session and decide that I need more time to study, then I will gladly pay the $35 rescheduling fee and take a little more time. But as of now, I am feeling pretty good about it, I have been dedicating myself to this last one, despite that annoying procrastinator in the back of my brain that keeps telling me that there is other fun stuff to do besides study. Last night after about 7 hours of studying I got super excited and started making my “Post-ARE To Do List”, which, as the name implies, includes all the things I want to do once this last pesky test is behind me (I should have taken the time to come up with a cooler name like “When Natalie’s no Longer Crazy To-Do List” or “What to do with yourself after you’re done being a nerdy nerd List” But give me a break people I am working on very little free brain power). On the top of my list is to deep clean my entire house. There is nothing like spending several hours on the floor of your bathroom to remind you that you need to do some deep cleaning. Seriously how does the back of your toilet get so grody? Yuck! If I could have laid there and cleaned it would have at least made the hours I should have been sleeping more productive. There are three sections to the list: House Projects, Outside Projects (i.e. landscaping), and Other. Other includes the 900 lbs of fabric stuffed into my sewing room closet that is just aching to become pieces hanging in my wardrobe. The House Projects list could go on for days, but let’s just assume I get through the first 800 million items and get to “guest room”. Here is where we run into a kerfuffle. Do we spend the time, effort and money turning it into a guest room or do we just let that one sit out and wait for news of the impending arrival of our future spawn? Hey who am I kidding there is no way I am going to get to the guest room in the next 50 years, so no need to cross that bridge yet. My plan is to tape the list to my bathroom mirror and use it as motivation each time I brush my teeth….perhaps I will make a copy and put it at my desk at work….and one in the car. Anything to keep this motivation up. I CAN DO IT! So for the next two and a half weeks my butt is sticking to a strict regime. Work. Home. Dinner. Workout. Study until bedtime. Don’t worry there will be a shower in there somewhere. No need to gross you all out. I am pretty certain that I am taking March 11th off of work to lay in bed and bask in the gloriousness of no more tests (fingers crossed). Come on numero 7!


2 thoughts on “6 Down One To GO!

  1. LOL…sounds like you have quite a lot going on. I know the feeling about the guestroom/spawnroom – if we get the house we're trying to buy, it's only a two bedroom really, so the guest room will be decorated in colors that are easy to change into BABY room. We'll see. We'll have to compare notes on the best way to do that! Good luck passing #7 – I'm sure you'll do great!!

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