Studying Structural Systems, Oh my!

Okay first update is that my test is done! YAY! I am so relieved and whilst I still have to wait 5 weeks for the results, I am about 70% sure that I passed it. Oh please let it be so! My brain is still stuffed full and I am ready for a good nights sleep for sure. Although tonight is celebration night because Bret and I are having a good Ole fashioned girly sleep over. In order to capitalize on our last week and a half together in the state of Colorado, I decided the best way to celebrate would be to have a slumber party and then take tomorrow off to bask in our glorious friendship, i.e. hang out.
This week has been a little bit of a whirlwind to say the least. For those of you here for the ovary watch. My lady business showed up on Saturday :(. It would have been an awesome “post-test” present to get a positive preggo test, but hey I guess a period is the second best thing right? So I have my monitor all staged and ready for monitoring-type-business, let’s just hope the next cycle isn’t 200 days long! I am hoping now that the exams are over (finger’s crossed) the ladies will be ready to start doing their job. e’nuff slackin’ off down there! ya hear me?

3 thoughts on “Studying Structural Systems, Oh my!

  1. Congrats Natalie, on both accomplishments…so cool that YOU designed that. Hope you'll get to post pictures when it's not awesomely yellow 🙂

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