Scavenger Hunt

Since Easter coincides with the inexplicable act of searching for eggs, it only seems appropriate that I began my own scavenger hunt this weekend. But what elusive creature might I be searching for one might ask? None other than a beautiful rusted piece of Americana.

This is only an internet picture, but I began the search for a metal porch glider, and hopefully a couple metal chairs, that will sit on the flagstone patio Andy and I are about to build. Yesterday while others were dressed in soft pastels and coloring eggs, we were raking, weeding and fertilizing our front yard in the hopes that we can revitalize what is there enough to make it “tolerable” while we concentrate on our back yard. As I most certainly have mentioned a time or two, our back yard is at defcon 3. It needs emergent attention. Now technically I haven’t received the promotion that goes along with finishing my license and I know that you’re not supposed to “count your chickens before they’re hatched”, but since it is pretty much a done deal, we’ve decided to move forward with the landscaping. Of course that doesn’t mean we’re going overboard. We’re still spacing the majority of it out, but our first big tackles are the flagstone patio and the buffalo grass sod that will be in the upper part of the back yard. The lower part of the backyard which will involve a retaining wall, stone walkways and wildflower plantings will most likely be a “next year” project.
But this year’s projects have begun. This week is rake and bag all the dead stuff in the back yard, pick up rocks and prepare for rototilling. Hopefully friday we can rototill. Then spend the rest of the weekend packing down the patio area and laying down a weed killer. I have a quote from one place to deliver 4 tons of patio flagstone, but I wanted to take it with me to a couple of other places and see if they can give me a better deal. Have to make sure my pennies are going as far as possible!
Now I realize looking for a metal glider is a little premature considering there is a big blank dirt canvas out my back window, but I am just so in love with the idea of having furniture ready to plop on it and enjoy our hard work. Plus I am certain it will take me some time to find one of these puppies. There is a website for a company that restores and ships them, but as I am obviously a bargain hunter, I am curious if I can find one locally at an antique store, estate sale, or architectural salvage that is much cheaper. Granted it probably won’t be fully restored and powder coated, so I will need to look into a place that can refinish it and see what that would cost. But I am almost certain I can get the whole shebang for less than $1000, which is what the website is selling them for.
Most of you are probably thinking I am insane. Why on earth would I choose a dilapidated metal glider for my patio furniture? Well because it is freakin’ charming! And it totally goes with my 1957 house. Granted the rest of the house isn’t historically accurate, but I love the eclectic nature of old mixed with new.
The hilarious part is one of my best friend’s mom has already deeded her metal glider and chairs to me, but that is a kind of “after she dies” gift. And it just seems morbid to be waiting around for something until someone dies. So I am going to see if I can find my own. And decades from now (hopefully 50 years or more,….she could live to be 120 right?) when I inherit her set as well, it will be an eclectic combination of wonderful pieces. Let the scavenger hunt begin! Oh and the yard work. hahaha. I promise I will post before and after pics. Although I am utterly ashamed to even post the before pictures the yard is so terrible. I will take them from far away….perhaps close to sunset so you can’t really see how barren and sad it looks back there.

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