Big Forehead Remedy

I have a gigantic forehead….don’t lie, you noticed. I always tell people it is my brain trying to escape the years of torture I have inflicted upon it with all the school and such. Eventually I believe it will bust right through my forehead and head off to pursue a life of basket weaving and raking sand in a rock garden…..although that would be hard for a brain to do. Well I made a decision about a year ago….and then spent about six months talking myself into it….and then a couple more months before I finally made a hair appointment. The decision? To get bangs. And I really like them actually.

I started out with training bangs, so to speak, which were just thinner longer bangs. I needed to figure out how they worked again, I haven’t had bangs since middle school when you would curl a portion down and then a portion up and hairspray it. Do you remember that style? Hot. So since that was the only technique I was familiar with this whole round brush/blow dry/ flat iron technique needed some practice. Then I went in a couple weeks ago and committed to thicker bangs. Above is the result. They are still long enough that I can pin them up, but I actually haven’t been doing that….unless I am working in the yard…or being lazy.
This was the actual reason I was playing with the camera. I finished my skirt! Big Butter got me this fabric for Christmas and I wanted to make it into a high waisted skirt. Which I did, then I changed my mind about the top to pair with it. I made one out of organza, but it was too baloony. No worries though because I modified it and paired it with a pair of pants and a vest that I made shortly after (need to take pictures of that outfit too). Waste not want not. After looking at the pictures I think I look a little chunky monkey, but it made me feel amazing! That is all that is important to me. I have a handful of scraps left over of the fabric as well, so I will stash that away for a potential little girl’s dress.

3 thoughts on “Big Forehead Remedy

  1. I did the same thing when I got bangs! I only had her cut a little and they didn't look good at all. I think it's all or nothing when you're talking about bangs. I finally got more cut and liked them better. They look good on you!

  2. I have a big forehead too – I got it from my dad. I don't have patience for bangs (I seriously don't ever do my hair!) but you look adorable!

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