Where for art thou…manners?

Did someone forget to tell me that there is no longer a code of decency that has to be followed? I must have missed that memo somewhere….oh wait, that isn’t possible because I am a meticulous organizer. See I was under this strange impression that if someone invites you over to their house for a BBQ and you can’t make it, you should call (remember the telephone?) and let them know. Call me crazy, but I was raised to give as much advanced notice as possible, 24 hours at minimum when at all possible. In the day of all this technological connectivity, I am absolutely flabergasted by the fact that Andy and I got stood up on Saturday. Here’s the rundown of events.
Last week a co-worker who has been working up in Washington for the last 4 months returned to our office for a short break. He’s a cool dude and his wife is even cooler. Last winter we went on a “company” ski trip with them up to Copper Mountain. I put “company” in quotes because he and I were the only two people from our company to show up…..wait should I be seeing a pattern here? Anyhoo, during his banishment to the Northwest, co-worker B and I had discussed getting together for a triple-date with our significant others when co-worker A returned. So on Wednesday we all started figuring out what we were going to do. I knew there was going to be a roller derby bout on Saturday and asked them if they might be interested in going out to dinner and then checking that out. Both of them were excited. As we started discussing places to go eat, I thought maybe it would be better to have them over to our place. They liked that idea as well, so Andy and I began planning our menu. Well you already know what happens. But we got up early Saturday morning and began prepping lunch for 6 and took a last look over the house making sure everything was presentable. We assumed all was fine and dandy, then at 1:30pm (1/2 hour before everyone was supposed to show up….so by this time all the food is ready to go on the grill and we were about to light it….because it is charcoal) co-worker B calls. He had to come into work and will be late. Okay thanks for calling 1/2 hour before you’re supposed to be here, but whatever. He said he will still come, but it will be around 4pm. Oh and he asks if I have heard from co-worker A. No, I haven’t why? Turns out co-worker B has been trying to get a hold of him and hasn’t heard back.  Hmm. I give him spouse of co-worker A’s phone number since he seemed concerned and told him if he heard anything to give me a call back. Sure enough a couple minutes later he calls back. Something is awry with co-worker A, but he didn’t want to talk more about it. Co-worker B seems concerned but then asks well what does this do to our plans? I tell him to go ahead and still come over with his S.O. when he gets done at the office. He seemed relieved that things weren’t canceled and said he would call when he leaves. Okay so our party went from 6 to 4. Not too big of a deal. Andy and I stuck the food in the fridge and then decide to watch a movie while we wait……then we watch an episode of the Deadliest Catch…..no phone call. It is 4:30pm now. We’re hungry and there are 18 stuffed jalapenos ready to be grilled. So we decide to go ahead and light the grill. Needless to say, not only did co-worker A never call or e-mail, co-worker B never called back either. I get into the office today and find an e-mail from co-worker B saying maybe we should reschedule for next weekend. WTF? First of all, I don’t check my work e-mail on the weekend unless something serious is going on with a project. Second of all, you said you were going to call. What happened to that agreement? What a coward-ass way to cancel on someone. I get that you’re in the office, but I am not, M-er-F-er. Andy and I were both livid. What happened to the social code of conduct that people used to follow? I know I am no Emily Post and I don’t expect you to wear a tuxedo and white gloves over to my house, but is it really so much for me to expect someone to call if they aren’t coming over? Don’t e-mail me or text me or facebook me or whatever else you do that you think is an awesome new means of communication. Pick up the mother-f-ing phone and use your voice to tell my ear that you aren’t coming.
While this little escapade made Andy and I want to swear off inviting people over to our place and now put us in the position to eat 3 pounds of ground beef and 6 ears of corn over this next week, the plus side of the situation was that we realized how awesome it was to have each other around. No matter what you always have your best bud to hang out with even when douches from work bail on you with no warning. We ended up cracking open some beers, munched on the pile of stuffed jalapenos, and laughed our way through a game of Go Fish while we bitched about those A-holes. There is nothing like a game of Go Fish interspersed with cuss words and rants about the downfall of humanity.
Co-worker A and B this one’s for you!


4 thoughts on “Where for art thou…manners?

  1. Ooooh….stuffed jalepenos are my fav – I TOTALLY wouldn't have bailed on those! That's shitty though, seriously. I'm usually the party organizer as well, and it drives me NUTS how inconsiderate people are!

  2. Bummer they cancelled on you! We have a hard time getting an organized group of our friends over to our house – too much going on I guess? But still, notice would definitely have been nice! That picture cracks me up! I've got one with that same "gesture" on my blog now.

  3. I feel your pain….can't STAND when people do that! What's worse is when they don't RSVP at all…. Call me the manners Nazi, but not all the "old fashioned" customs are for folks our grandmother's age!

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