The Horney Narcoleptic

Those of you who are trying to get preggo, work full-time, and try to keep in shape are probably in the same boat as me. I am telling you this has been more challenging than when I worked and went to school full-time, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why that is. Seems like I should have more time now. Anyway, here’s what happened last night. I have of course been religiously charting, but when you connect the dots it looks like an erratic heart monitor read-out (yes I watch too many old episodes of E.R. whatsitoya?), i.e. a little unpredictable. This means that I do a lot of false interpreting. Andy has heard “this is it!” more times than I care to admit this cycle, and whilst he has been a good sport about it, I know he’s getting sick of the emotional roller coaster. Let us all give a collective sigh for the poor guy who is getting too much sex….{crickets}…yeah I don’t feel sorry for him either. In fact I would love to hear him complain to his friends about it, which he obviously hasn’t done for lack of any bruises or black eyes. Anyhoosers. So we’ve been pretty good about getting it on…brown chicken brown cow….but in the midst of all the business time, I have noticed a considerable lack of time for exercise. I try to go for a walk at lunch…..ahem when I am not writing a blog entry…but it just isn’t enough. When I get home I face a conundrum: go for a run and not haveth the business time, have business time and forget the work-out, or try to fit it all in? well last night I tried the latter. I hussled home, changed into my work-out gear, ran, showered, put on a cute lacey slip, stuffed some yogurt and granola down my throat and then checked on the hubster. He was watching a movie and it was only 8:30pm. So I told him I would go to the bedroom and do a little reading. I crawled in bed, read a chapter and then passed out. Hot! He came in a few minutes later and awoke me with his giggles and pointing. But I was all groggy and exhausted so I got up, brushed my teeth and went back to sleep. Being a narcoleptic is not going to help matters.


3 thoughts on “The Horney Narcoleptic

  1. I so hear you hon!! My workouts have been suffering b/c I need the sleep in the morning b/c we're up too late at night and …. AHHHH …. who knew is was so much work to get knocked up?!I seriously had to jump my hubby last night as he came upstairs to use the bathroom quick – I yelled out from the bedroom "hey – did you come up here to molest me?!"*crickets*Um, yeah, he hadn't, but I got him into the mood anyway. LOL. I've never heard a guy complain so much about so much sex!PS – I'm temping both orally and vaginally this cycle (sorry for all the TMI in this comment) and so far the vaginal temps have been WAY more consistent. We'll see what the charts look like at the end of the cycle…

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