Quick Celebration!

Holy shit! I am so sorry guys. For those of you who have been my cheerleaders and confidants these many months, I completely let you down. The past two days have been insane. I was traveling home all day yesterday and then today I get back to the office and discover a fire. Literally, the office building caught on fire Sunday night. It was right out of the twilight zone walking in today. Needless to say things are a little crazy and I will blog about them soon. But first:


and dos:

MY PROGESTERONE LEVELS ARE NORMAL!….NORMAL! can you believe it? It is so freaking awesome. I was definitely a worried wreck all weekend. Thanks to Bret for being my girl support and listening to me worry and babble, etc. I would say you all need Bret as your friend, but you can’t have her she is mine.

Anyway, obviously there is much to be discussed, my trip to see Bret, the office being on fire, the fact that I have to now get out of paying $450 for the ski pass I won’t be able to use this winter, and the fact that I am PREGNANT! HOLY SHITBALLS people! I can’t actually believe it. But we will have to get to all those things later. I will let you all take a big sigh of relief that my ovaries did their job and I well get my buns back to work. Love you all and thanks for helping me get here. I know we’re not out of the water yet, but things are looking up.


5 thoughts on “Quick Celebration!

  1. I know I said this earlier, but YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Btw, at least in Telluride, if you're preggo, you just get a doctor's note and they'll "suspend" your pass for a year. They won't reimburse, but they'll roll it over to the next year for you. YIPPEE DO DA DAYYYY!!!

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