Nugget – Week 4 Approx.

I like this kid already…..eerrrr I guess I should say this little epiblast/hypoblast conglomeration….are you that shocked? Let me just explain. You know what a freakish planner I am, and although the little punk didn’t exactly show up exactly when I wanted, he seemed to hear my reasoning and decide to stick with my plan, just a year later. But I guess I will let his tardiness slide since he is new to this anal planning thing. Seriously though I was thinking about this. I got off birth control in March of last year because I was thinking it might take a couple months to figure out my cycle (hahaha) and then we could plan to catch it in July. Why July? Well for a couple reasons. That puts the due date in March. March is not only when Andy was born, but it also means I would be biggest in the winter. Since we don’t have A/C that was highly appealing to me. Plus my mom said she got huge! Although from the pictures she doesn’t look that huge. So I was thinking winter is the best excuse to cover up chubby arms and tankles. OH GOD please let me not have huge tankles. I know, I know a little late to worry about that now. There are other ways I know this kid respects my love for deadlines. Let’s look at a couple. First off, I had decided I would try Clomid if we didn’t get pregnant by July. So nugget must have realized how much I wanted to do this on my own. Additionally, he showed up right after the last in my 10 acupuncture treatments I had already paid for. So now the decision of “should I pay for 10 more or just do 5?” is less serious. I will most likely still drop in for an appointment here and there. My acupuncturist was SOOOO excited when I told her the news. I thanked her endlessly for helping me make this happen. But really I am just thanking this little nugget for finally making my dreams to be a mom a real possibility.
So when I jumped on the baby center website, which I first learned about after stalking Michelle‘s blog (thanks lady!), and entered my ovulation date, whatdayaknow March 10, 2011 popped up. I immediately had a new love for this little cell formation. Even though everything didn’t go exactly as planned, I still kind of get what I originally wanted (fingers are still crossed obviously).
That puts me at 4 weeks today. If you ask me how to explain the way it is calculated I have no idea, I recommend asking Josey because she is my go-to-girl when it comes to this fertility/baby translation stuff. This is the exact reason I love the baby center website, you put in your ovulation date and whalllah! they tell you what week it is. So I don’t have to think about it. I know this is totally stealing your idea Michelle, but I thought it was so cool to be able to see what size the baby was as you reported milestones. So here we go, baby is the size of a poppyseed. And from the looks of it, we can only loosely refer to it as baby. Thus I have dubbed it “little nugget” for now.  I am glad it gets a lot bigger than this before it comes out (I know I will regret this statement later). I mean I can sew but I can’t make anything that small. Plus I would surely lose it.
Those of you who are at all interested, this week has been a whirlwind of activity. After pestering my dear Katie about various questions from whether I can ride moto-cross (okay Andy shouted it to her while I was talking to her about skiing) to how much caffine is okay, she set off to help me in my search of a homebirth midwife. Yep still planning on the homebirth. I must admit when I first saw that vertical line, my resolve wavered a little bit. I thought about the insurance aspects and how having a baby at home might be a fully out of pocket affair. That is when I started thinking maybe I would look into the birth center that is actually pretty close to where I work (although technically still not one of my in-network options). I suspected it was just a result of nerves though. So when I got home on Monday I curled up on the couch and watched “The Business of Being Born” again (for those of you with Netflix, you can watch it on Instant Play….so do it!). It has been a long time since I watched it and it really helped resolidify my original decision. I sent an inquiry in to my insurance company about it (haven’t heard back yet), then when Katie forwarded me the e-mail she received back, I contacted the first CPM listed under “homebirth”. She called me this morning and we set up our first appointment.  It isn’t until the 17th just because the next couple of weeks are insane for us. I also went ahead and scheduled our first ultrasound with the doctor. Katie encouraged me to still do that just so we could make sure all is well. Now this part you’re going to think I am crazy, but I could have scheduled the ultrasound on the 19th, but I decided to do it on the 29th. Here’s my reasoning, Andy’s mom and step-dad are going to be in town that last week in July and I know his mom is concerned about missing much of this little nugget’s life. They live in Pennsylvania, so not an easy commute for us, nor a regular destination. My SMIL is going to be able to be so much a part of this pregnancy and nugget’s life, that I thought it would be special if my MIL could at least come to this part, since it was so close to her visit. She seemed really excited at the idea. Of course, now that I think about it, I am freaking out a little bit. Last time I was at this doctor’s office in a nude capacity, I just got a paper “gown” that ended at the waist and a paper towel that was intended to cover the rest of me. There is just something about being naked in front of your MIL that kind of freaks me out. Plus this is the vaginal ultrasound, or so I’ve been told by those more qualified than myself. Great! so not only do I have to be butt ass naked in front of her, but then I have to sit there with her and her son while the tech basically puts a giant dildo-looking thing up my ho-ha. Really? What the hell was I thinking? Do you think I can just take a bath robe and a down comforter in with me? Or can I just be in one room and they can watch it on a tv screen somewhere else? I know I thought it would be special, but I am not thinking these things through at all.   
My friend Emily is helping me out. I asked if we could meet up downtown after work on Tuesday to take some pictures. I thought it would be cute to take at least one a month, not that a whole lot will change in the next four (hopefully), but still just to document any little changes.
Oh and the only consistent thing going on is that my boobs are tender and they are definitely growing. The only advice I can give thus far is wear a sports bra to bed. It is amazing how much better I feel in the morning when I get up and just switch the sports bra for my regular one, rather than try to recover from my breastages flopping about all night. If it was up to me I might opt for wearing a sports bra 24/7, but you know how attractive uni-boob can be. Other than that, not a whole heck of a lot going on. I get headaches every now and then, but they go away pretty quickly. I have just been trying to do a lot of reading and trying to stick to what I should be eating to help nugget develop (I need to make myself a diagram, there is a lot of things to remember). I am still waiting for the nausea to set in. Most women say it comes around week 6-8. So I have a couple more weeks hopefully. I’ll keep you posted.

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