Trying not to go overboard

So I am trying really hard not to go too overboard yet. I am only at 5 weeks (size of a seasame seed this week) and I am trying to keep the emotions in check while I wait for the 8 week ultrasound. But….I can’t really be stopped either. I made a dress from this pattern for baby Charlotte, Katie’s youngest and obviously I was itching to finally make one for myself. I am not resolved on having a girl or anything, I just happened to have this adorable cherry fabric and I really couldn’t imagine it becoming anything but a little girl’s dress. So this is what ensued.  

Still need buttons. No I am not going to the fabric store this week to buy buttons and pick out a pattern for overalls and little jackets, why do you ask? Like I said, I am trying not to go too overboard, but it is highly unlikely that I can control myself. I’ve made lots of little clothes for friends just dreaming about the day I can do it for myself. Thank goodness I am entering my sleepy phase otherwise we might have to move our stuff out of the master closet to accommodate all the things I want to make.


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