Andy Lays Down The Law

Despite that I started roller derby as a distraction when I was trying not to spend every second concentrating on how I wasn’t getting pregnant, I actually kind of fell in love with it. First of all, despite my passive aggressive nature, I am surprisingly talented at shoving people out of the way and turning my ass into a giant wall. Obviously, when I got that little plus sign, derby was the last thing on my mind, but when I saw my skates a couple days later a little twinge of sadness set in when I realized I am going to have to take a break.
When I was down in Albuquerque I went with my brother and uncle to spinning class. I was a little worried about it being too exhausting for me, so I was sure to listen carefully to my body. But after an hour I found that I felt awesome! I actually felt better after the class then I had before. When I got home on Sunday I turned to Andy and said ‘I felt so good in the spinning class it got me to thinking that maybe I could still do derby’. Then he said the funniest thing ever. He said ‘well you’re probably right, but I am not just going to keep giving you babies if you aren’t going to be responsible with this one’. I started laughing, it was like we were talking about some insignificant thing like a crayon or a goldfish. Finally I conceded that I probably should not go back to a full contact sport, but I insisted that I would still go roller skating and although I will probably have to take it a little easier on my bike rides home, especially now that we are in the high 90s this week, I think I can continue to do that every once in a while too. I took Coby for a short jog the other night, making sure that I walked for a good 20 minutes before hand to warm-up. That felt good too. So even though I am starting to enter my ‘I just want to sleep’ phase, I am excited that most of my activities are going to stay a part of my life for a while.
It just seems a little ironic to me that Andy was the one to lay down the law for me. I mean this is a man who spent my weekend away researching ways to modify a jeep power wheels so that it will be a mix between a tiny dragster and a rock rig. So I am going to be really careful to make sure the baby makes it into the world and then he is going to F it up a couple years down the road? Does anyone else see the hypocrisy here? hahaha.


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