7 weeks

Oops I am supposed to be better about this stuff. I blame the combination of baby brain, sleepiness and nausea. Excuse the day-lateness, but yesterday nugget and I hit 7 weeks. Or I guess I should be more accurate and say: what I think is 7 weeks. Next Thursday the doctor will tell us whether or not we have the time frame right, but until then, let’s assume 7 weeks. Nugget is the size of a blueberry. Since I am pretty tall, I am imagining the largest blueberry in the carton. You know those real giant juicy ones. That’s my nugget. Despite the fact that I obviously love this little blueberry sized creature, can I admit something to you? I am kind of freaked out by what it supposedly looks like in there. First off it has this crazy bulgy head which is all forward rotated. Plus it has a tail. I am excited over the next week nugget starts getting a little more recongnizable as a human because right now he looks like a freaky alien tadpole to me. This week he grows little paddles for arms and legs, he gets slits for eyelids, and his eyes start to get color. When I told Andy this he said ‘so could they tell what color his eyes are?’. Pretty sure we’re not there yet babe. Plus, am I sleepily mistaken, or aren’t most babies born with blue eyes? Why do I feel like I have heard that from a lot of people?
In human-baking news I am still working out the kinks of my sleeping position. I thought, since I am a tummy sleeper, I should start trying to condition myself on my left side now. This is much more difficult than I originally imagined. The night before last I rolled into some strange position, I woke up at around 2am and my whole right side was asleep. I was trying to put myself back on my left side, but my floppy limp right arm was not cooperating at all. I remember deliriously giggling as I used my left hand to move my right arm around. The other down-side of tummy sleeping is it puts added pressure on your bladder. I made sure I went to the bathroom 5 times between 6 and 10pm, but I still woke up this morning on my belly feeling like I would burst if I didn’t get up. Since I am in the “no amount is ever enough sleep” phase, I found myself considering peeing the bed this morning. It would be wet and uncomfortable after it cooled off, but I would get a little more sleep. It was pretty tempting. Now that I am awake and more rational I have thought of another solution. I can voluntarily catheterize myself. Just hook myself up to a bag and sleep to my heart’s content. Of course the issue with that, is I still seem to roll around a ton every night, so that poses an issue with ripping out the tubes. The only thing I can think of is to take Baby Center’s advice of limiting liquids after 6pm or I can start wearing depends. I am already drinking Ensure to try to get some nutrients in my body. Might as well go all out and break out the depends while I am at it. Man I am so sexy it is ridiculous!
Food seems like it will be an issue for a while. We met Andy’s parent’s for dinner last night and I spent a good portion of the evening trying not to hork on the table in front of them. Smells you once thought were delicious can hit you like a ton of bricks. I opted for the baked potato soup but it came out with bacon and green onions on the top. Most people would say ‘yum’. But I accidentally caught a bit of both and thought that would be the end of me being allowed out in public. I tried to scrape out the bits I could get too, but after a few bites, my tummy was done allowing food inside. I feel like a little bird with my eating habbits. I usually start out the day with a trusty orange. Then a couple hours later I get the Ensure down, thank god chocolate isn’t revolting to me! An hour or so after that it is string cheese time. Then maybe I can get half of my PB&J down at lunch. An hour later another orange, two hours after that another string cheese. Then I peel and eat my 3rd orange on the walk to the train going home. For dinner I try to get in a salad and some carrots although dressing tastes wrong to me now. Then I will polish the evening off with a soft pretzel. This method of putting something in my stomach every few hours seems to really help with the nausea. I still feel pretty sick most of the day, but it isn’t as bad as it was the first few days when I was just eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Katie suggested hard candy in between snacks. That does seem to help some too. But of course I feel guilty for letting my dentist down each time I unwrap a jolly rancher. I guess I will go get some sugar free candies to solve that problem.
Being pregnant is very similar to what I imagine being Sherlock Holmes is like. You spend a great deal of time trying to carefully investigate what you can and can’t do to yourself anymore. I can’t wait for next Thursday. I just know that little flutter of a heartbeat will make all my doubts go away. Go little blueberry go!

2 thoughts on “7 weeks

  1. I had a weird ritual of eating a hashbrown and drinking a fountain soda from McDonalds EVERY MORNING for like 6 weeks (neither of which I ever ate normally, or do now, fyi). It was the only thing that helped. Oh, and S&V Pringles and sour gummy worms. It's amazing my kid is as normal as he is.I can't wait to hear about your appt. Thursday. OOH! Take your phone, and record the heartbeat on a video, that's what I did – I'll treasure that crappy cell-phone video forever.Delurking, Biscuit

  2. LOL, sorry Natalie, but the image of you seriously considering peeing the bed, just to not get up…awesome. Seriously awesome. :)Good luck keeping the food down – I can't imagine what it's like to not be hungry and wanting to eat everything in sight at all times!!

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