"Your baby has fingernails"

I loved Juno. I have the soundtrack on my ipod and everytime the song comes on from the scene where she is lying in the hospital bed and Michael Cera’s character lay’s behind her and cuddles her, I get all teary. When I first found out I was pregnant, the scene where Juno is going into the clinic played through my head. Su-Chin shouts “your baby has fingernails!” and Juno turns and says “fingernails? really? hmmm”. That scene made me wonder when do they develop fingernails? Turns out it’s week 10. Where we are today. Or as I like to refer to it as “only two more weeks”. Two more weeks until hopefully this silly “morning” sickness business ends. It is definitely wearing out its welcome….not that it was ever really welcome. Well I guess that is a lie. I was excited when I started feeling sick because that meant that my hormones were working. But after a week of being excited each morning when I was reminded that there was still a hitchhiker in my tum-tum, the sparkly excitement wore off.

This week nugget is the size of a kumquat. Has anyone ever had a kumquat? Looks like a lot of effort, aka peeling, for not a whole lot of return. But whatever, it is orange so it looks delicious to me right now. The part of the Baby Center report that made me crack up was where it said “Your baby’s forehead temporarily bulges with his developing brain and sits very high on his head, which measures half the length of his body”. Awww nugget looks just like mama now. Hopefully that forehead is temporary. Hopefully he/she get’s daddy’s forehead. Poor kid might never grow into that forehead. It is hard to say.
Here’s what’s nugget maybe looks like. No more webbed toes and fingers this week (Andy will be disappointed he wanted to nickname the baby Scuba Steve and was hoping he could keep the webbing to make him that much better of a swimmer…boys are weird), starting to grow peach fuzz, arms and legs are growing long enough to touch. But damn that is a huge forehead!
My uterus is the size of a grapefruit. Oh and have I mentioned that I love how they labeled vagina. Yeah thanks, I was wondering where that was located at. They said something along the lines of “it might be time for you to move into maternity pants”. Lucky for me, I still have some pants from when I was a bit chunkier, I was saving them for just such an occasion. I figure when my belly really starts bulging I will convert them into official maternity pants. Of course that means I can’t ever go back to that size. I have read a few ladies blogs where they talked about worrying about the pregnancy weight gain. I might have said this already, but after reading through a bunch of books and online resources, it is interesting to me that pregnancy done right is really like being on a healthy diet. Obviously you want your kid to grow and develop normally, which means it is critical that you get well-rounded and healthy meals. Right now my midwife gave me a pass. Since this is the time where not a whole lot of anything seems appetizing, except snowcones for some reason (FYI there are no snowcones in downtown Denver, not that I spent Friday afternoon looking or anything) the midwife told me I should just eat what I can. Which has been a lot of randomly pieced together items. Peanut Butter and banana, raisin bran, string cheese. Surprisingly most things that sound good to me involve milk. I figured feeling nauseous all the time would mean milk would be the last thing I would want in my stomach. But the opposite appears to be true. I am excited about making it to that coveted second trimester although that means the responsibility will go up considerably. I have to start meal planning and making sure I get enough milk, enough protein, enough veggies. I feel like I need a nutritionist to come to my house and help me navigate the next 30 weeks. I know I can do it on my own, but it is one of those things that you can’t help but wonder “am I qualified for this?”.

6 thoughts on “"Your baby has fingernails"

  1. Wow, 10 weeks already – that's crazy awesome Nat!! FYI, I've never eating a kumquat, but if you look at my Facebook pics of the house remodel, we painted a bunch of our new house kumquat orange. 🙂

  2. Those baby center updates freak me out. I don't like knowing that the baby now has teeth buds and other such stuff. I like to think that it starts out with everything just REALLY tiny and that it grows from there. And I have the most random diet right now. Lunch today was grapes (possibly the most delicious thing ever to touch my lips) and Oreos sogged up in milk. And please note: I've gone through a gallon of skim milk in four days. What the fuck body?

  3. Awww, it's funny how exciting this is for me even though I already went through it myself…twice…but I love to see your nugget everyweek, and of course there's nothing like the Natalie spin on pregnancy! Grow nugget grow! (P.S. your diet sounds surprisingly well balanced for this stage by the way, kudos)

  4. I think you actually eat the skin of a kumquat! I could totally be wrong on that, but I know there is at least one mini-orange where you eat it skin and all.And there is something kind of terrifying about a baby being in your belly with nails. I mean, the baby part is cool, but the nails part is kind of scary!

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