16 Weeks

The Nugget is the size of an avacado this week. Does anyone else want guacamole now? And a margarita, but I think I’ll wait for a few more months for that one.
Besides being the size of an avacado, all sorts of stuff is going on in there. He/she is growing toenails. I figured that would happen at the same time as the fingernails, but apparently not. Also Nugget is pumping a whole shit ton of blood around.
Not a whole lot to report this week. I had another incident of banditry. On Saturday I went to the “Just Between Friends” sale at the Stockshow grounds. It is basically this giant consignment sale for Baby, Kid and Maternity stuff. Since the sellers set the prices, some things were overpriced in my opinion. A sleeper for $7 is not a good price to me. But there were a few sellers that were trying to help a girl out. I found quite a few maternity pieces, including two pairs of “tall” dress pants for $8 a piece. Score! I tried them on when I got home (no dressing rooms at the sale 😦 ) and they are pushing the almost to short limit, but I think they will work. The biggest scores of the day were a preggo maternity pillow, you know the ones that keep you in position, for $15, and a boppy with two covers for $7. I didn’t delve too much into the baby clothing, mostly because it would be kind of a waste a this point, not knowing the sex and all. But I did find a brown and white stripped hooded romper, that I think could go either way, for $2. It was just too cute. I slept on my body pillow on Saturday night and it was magical. Words cannot describe.
Sunday we met Andy’s side of the family to celebrate my birthday. We had yummy food and dessert. After we ate, we went with my SSIL and SBIL to Pottery Barn Kids to pick up their nursery bedding set. They had received a gift card from their shower. Astoundingly Andy was up for the idea of going to Babies R Us to start our registery and get this, he actually semi-enjoyed it. Granted that was mostly due to the fact that I let him have the scanner gun. I think it would have been better if I had just been like ‘just run around and scan things’ rather than taking the time to pick out stuff. But whatever. He participated and so extra brownie points for him.
Whilst at Babies R Us though, I took a peek at what those body pillows go for, $59! Holy manoly. Thus I felt even more like a bandit this weekend.
There is another Just Between Friends sale in Brighton in October. By then we should know what this little nugget is going to be. So then it might be more fun to actually pick out some clothes. That’s it for now, but I have a ton of stuff to catch up on. Hopefully I can get through it all this week! Whew I am tired just thinking about all the posts I am behind on.

3 thoughts on “16 Weeks

  1. Nice score on the maternity pillow!! Charlie was the same way when it came to registering for our wedding at Bed Bath & Beyond – running all over the place with that gun. Boys are too funny. 🙂

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