One on One Time

Okay before I start this one, let’s just put some perspective on my emotional status. Sunday, after a run to the store, I flipped the channel to find the FEI World Equestrian Games and I watched Steffan Peters riding Ravel in the Dressage Freestyle. Until this point, I haven’t really felt large amounts of crazy emotions. I have caught myself a few times being too sensitive to certain comments, but I was able to intercept the emotions. But as I was watching this gorgeous horse dance around the arena, I got all teary and kept gasping “so beautiful!”. When it ended, I clapped like a retard trying to wipe the emotion from my cheeks. What a freakin’ dork! It wasn’t like the music was emotional or anything, as you will see, should you choose to watch it.
So obviously my emotional status is a wee bit volatile right now. Well Monday morning I get into the office and I had received an e-mail from my SMIL. As you might recall a few weeks ago we went to a huge baby/maternity consignment sale in Denver, but her daughter was busy studying for a huge test so couldn’t go with us. Turns out there were a few more coming up in October, so we let Brittany (My Step-Sister-in-Law) decide which one would work best for her. Brittany and I had been e-mailing each other a lot. She is about 5 weeks ahead of me, so it is cool to hear about what she is going through and know what I have to look forward to. Anyhoodles, we have been talking about this sale for over a month and getting really excited about going all together. But on Monday in my inbox my SMIL writes:

Hey Natalie,
Hope you are feeling good, should be getting into that period of time when you really enjoy being pregnant, aren’t making too many trips to the bathroom and are getting ready for that little nugget.
I have a favor to ask. I am needing to spend some 1:1 mom/daughter time with Brittany, haven’t had any for quite a while. I am not sure what the plan would be but the only day she and I have off together is 10/16 so I might go to Cheyenne instead of the Just between friends extrvaganza. Would that be OK with you?
I am thinking we will have a shopping trip as soon as you find out the sex of your baby so maybe Brittany could go with us to that.

A fairly innocent e-mail, but I definitely took it the wrong way. My first thought was “where’s my mom/daughter time?”. So obviously my reaction was coming from not only a crazy hormonal pregnant lady, but also a girl without a mother of her own, and an uber-planning freak. I had been looking forward to this “girl’s day” for a long time. I have it in my freakin’ calendar. It crushed me just a little to find it being cancelled and not just that, but it being cancelled for them to do the exact thing I wish I could be doing with my mom. Being the person that I am though, I e-mailed my SMIL back and said ‘that sounds good to me. My friend Emily can probably go with me to the sale’. But Brittany had also sent me an e-mail a few hours before that talking about how excited she was to find a few more pair of pants and some more maternity wear. I wasn’t sure if she and her mom had talked after she e-mailed me. But I e-mailed her back and told her to send me her sizes and what she might be looking for and I would keep my eye out for her. About an hour later I got a call at work from my SMIL. Apparently Brittany had called her really upset when she got my e-mail about potentially cancelling our girl day. Brittany, being another emotional pregnant girl, totally saw me for what I am, she told her mom ‘how do you think that makes Natalie feel?’. What a sweetheart! Long story short, the original plans are back on and I spent a good deal of time working through my emotions. I can’t really change those feelings I have about missing my mom/daughter time. But it does make me all warm and fuzzy knowing that Brittany is willing to share her mom with me. It isn’t quite the same, but it helps a little. I can imagine that my mom is really grateful to my SMIL for being here for me through this process.


5 thoughts on “One on One Time

  1. I guess I didn't catch on in your earlier posts that you lost your mom too…I'm sorry. I lost mine 10 years ago and it's definitely hitting me hard as the pregnancy hormones take over. That's great you enjoy your inlaws (sounds like your SMIL had no idea she was possibly hurting your feelings). I like my MIL too…thank goodnesss! Anyway, I just wanted send you a virtual hug from a fellow pregger lady who is hormonal and missing her mom!

  2. Glad everything worked out! I wish I felt that close to my MIL….maybe someday…perhaps AFTER the baby comes and we're around each other more… HUGS!

  3. You are a much more understanding person than I am, obviously. Even though Brittany (bless her little heart) made sure your plans are still on track, I find that I'm holding a grudge against your SMIL for being ridicously insensitive. So now you're free not to. See how well that works out?

  4. This just brought me to tears Nat. 😦 How awesome that Brittany is so great about it – your SMIL just doesn't know better – hopefully this was an eye opener for her. I wish I lived closer to shop with you!! Next time I go to Denver I'm definitely giving you a call!!!!!

  5. Aww, Brittany was so sweet! How nice to have another pregnant woman in a position to be able to defend you! And hope the sale was successful, I've heard they're a-ma-zing!

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