Gathering my sticks and feathers

Today, Nugget hit 23 weeks gestation. It is pretty crazy how super fast time is passing me by. Maybe it is because I sleep a lot more than I did pre-pregnancy. I guess that would make time go faster. The epic battle between Nugget’s appendages and my uterus has begun. See Nugget is movin’ and kickin’ pretty regularly. So the awesomeness that is my imagination has decided that there is a grand scale war going on between Nugget and the uterus. He’s like ‘Back off Bitch, give me some space’ wack! wack! ‘Take that! You want some more?’ kiyaah. Then he flying burrito’s the uterus wall. He is just setting his boundaries, which I am glad he is learning to do so early on in life. Even if people say violence isn’t the answer, I am pretty sure he can’t use any words right now. Maybe he could use some sign language, but it is too dark to make out his gestures, so he really only has the choice of beating her up. Don’t freak out or anything, his kicking is still really light and adorable. Nothing hurts and I love feeling him move about. I know in a couple more months I’ll be like ‘get your heel out of my rib kid!’. But for now it is just freakin’ awesome. Everything is awesome. I think it might be getting to a point of annoyance for Andy though. I have all my happy lovey hormones going on. So we’ll be sitting together on the couch just chillin’ and I will look over at him and get a big ole stupid grin on my face and say ‘hi…..I love you!’. He’ll give me the eye roll and be like ‘I love you too’. Then I will be like ‘you’re really cute you know….I like you a lot’. That’s usually the point he will be like ‘okay you’re freakin me out’. I can’t help it though. I am uncontrollably happy. I have to basically force myself to behave at normal levels of contentedness. Not a word? That doesn’t even bother me. Still happy.  
The one thing I am starting to freak out about though is getting stuff done. Nesting shit. I think I already told you about the windows and the dryer and the furnace….well we haven’t had it replaced yet. The dude coming to check the toxic levels had to reschedule for this Friday, so we’re just going to have to keep it off for a tid bit longer. Well this weekend I was on like nesting overdrive. Friday we went to get paint and molding for the nursery and more caulk for the inside of the windows. My windows take a lot of caulk. snort. ahhh what a nerd. Then when we got home I started moving shit around in the room that will become Nugget’s. Turns out the longest most strenuous part of painting a room is getting stuff out of the way. So Friday I discovered my first pregnancy limitation. Apparently I have to take it slightly easier than normal with moving heavy items. Yeah yeah I realize I should know that already. But ya know, I am like a modern woman and shit. So when I boxed up the childrens books to move them into my sewing room, I figured I didn’t need to ask Andy to move it…..I was wrong. I got it into the sewing room, but then I had to go lay down on the couch because I was feeling all woosey-like. Yep I am a big ole retard. Should be more careful with Nugget’s vessel and shit. I know. Good thing about me, I am a quick learner. After that episode I got Andy’s help with the heavy stuff.
Saturday I took a break from the nursery to get another nesting item out of the way. New tires. Yeah have I mentioned how weird the compulsion to nest is? The stuff on the list is all over the board. I just figured I would want to compulsively fold onesies and put them in piles according to size and then color. But apparently all that stuff that you are usually like ‘we can wait a few more months on that’ gets insanely important. Andy was testing the waters on where my nesting limits lie. While we were sitting at the tire store waiting for my car he was like ‘well I need to get my rear brakes done….and service the tranny……whoa I shouldn’t have said that so loud’ (I couldn’t stop laughing at that one). After the recovery he was like ‘between those two things, I should probably just get a new truck’. Yeah not falling for that one you tranny servicer.
I didn’t actually finish prepping the room for painting until Sunday afternoon. We had some family get togethers and there was some napping in there. But I finally got the first paint on the walls. It was so exciting. I was talking to Nugget the whole time telling him that we were getting everything ready for him. When I started wondering if he would like the look of his new room, I quickly realized I was doing all of this for myself, not for him. He could give a crap if his room is awesome. He doesn’t care that the curtains will have the same colors as his bedding. It made me feel pretty silly, but not enough to stop me. I decided to just do the top half of the room yesterday and figured I would get to the bottom later this week or next weekend. Just the fact that the room is started makes me feel that much better. I am not sure what I am expecting. I keep thinking my time is running out to get this stuff done, it is like I am going to hit 32 weeks and be in an instant coma. I know it won’t be that dramatic. I just keep thinking once I reach the 3rd trimester, I will just want to concentrate on relaxing and being excited. Who knows, I will probably get even more serious into the nesting. I will look like a tazmanian devil or somethin’. Since this post is lacking on the imagery for now, I will throw in my scheme for the nursery.

Yes I modeled it…because yes, I am that big of a dork. I am glad I did too, because I was planning on painting the bottom half of the wall black, but after modeling it I realized with black furniture it was going to be a lot of black. I am definitely heading towards the overachievement level on this project, what with painting all the furniture and making all the bedding and potentially recovering a glider. But I figure I can go overboard on Nugget and then for number 2, the work will be done. I think the most interesting part of this project will be what gets dropped from the must do list. hahaha. Ahhh nesting.


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