But…But…But What About Doing That Thing Grown-Ups Always Told You To Do?

Tell the Truth. Remember being told that no matter what you did or how much trouble you might be in, that the important thing is that you be honest and tell the truth? That taking responsibility right away for something will be better than lying about it. I remember that too. Which is why, despite having two other posts lined up (one accepting my blogging award from Manymanymoons, I haven’t forgot) I had to push those aside because this is really bothering me. I am going to try to figure out how to talk about it without giving too much away.
But it basically has to do with work. And the person that is truly to blame doesn’t work at our company any longer. Let’s just say an issue came up and it looks like to remedy the problem, it will cost $3,000. I realize that isn’t a small sum of money, but in my opinion it isn’t worth the price of looking like you are just trying to cover your ass and get out of taking responsibility for something that was clearly your fault.
In my line of work, there are lots of checks and balances on a project. There is text in the specifications that instructs a contractor to refer to the drawings, but that the manufacturer’s installation instructions take precedent over anything the designer says. But when a contractor installs something following the manufacturer’s instructions and according to how it was drawn by an engineer and there is still an issue. Then there really is no passing the blame off on someone else.
Ugh it is hard to write about this without telling you what is really going on. Let’s just say, something was installed somewhere by someone and the manner in which it was installed makes it unusable by the client. It is 40 feet up in the air. The person who did this, again, is no longer with our company. So there is a group of us left holding the bag. In my opinion, the best thing to do would be to go to the owner, say ‘look I am sorry this was shown in this manner. The person who drew it this way is no longer with us, but we didn’t catch it in our reviews and the contractor didn’t catch it either. It is probably something they should have realized and brought to our attention before this time, but we can’t really change that. All we can do is try to remedy the situation and move forward’. To me going to a client and saying it like this, right out, at the beginning, has a better chance of getting a response of ‘hey everyone makes mistakes, we will take care of the costs and not hold it against you’. Because let’s face it, clients have built-in reserves for unexpected problems. They anticipate that things will come up and they have a stash of money on the side to pay for them.
But if you sit there and try to pass the blame onto someone else, to me you are going to lose credibility. You aren’t going to look like an honest person.
The issue itself has nothing to do with me really. I am more observing this project as a means of gaining experience in project management. I get that if you are a PM, you don’t want to go to your higher-ups and say ‘listen so and so screwed up, we’re going to need to pay to fix it’. I don’t envy that role. I hope to never be in that role…which makes me question whether PM is the right path for me. But I also internalize a lot of things I probably shouldn’t. Like I am actually feeling anxiety about this issue. I want to be able to say ‘isn’t it just better to take responsibility and ask the client for forgiveness than try to dance around and make it look like all we care about is covering our own behind?’. ‘Isn’t being loyal to a client and honest more valuable to our company image than a measely $3 grand?’
But what do I do? I think all I can do is just to let it go. Let myself off the hook from feeling the anxiety about the situation. Claim ignorance I guess. But all I can think about is ‘but what about all those years that grown ups told us the most important thing is honesty?’.  


Estoy Ocupado

You know how I am always trying to infuse culture into my blog posts and such? What do you mean you don’t get that from my blog? I say things like ‘numero dos’ and…..and other things. hahaha. Anyway, I thought I would bring some culture into this post with the title. You’re welcome. 
Some pretty funny things have happened lately. First and foremost, I have definitely turned into a drooling machine. You remember a little while ago when I admitted to drooling into my own cleavage? And that was a conscious drooling situation. Lately I have awoken to found myself with a cold pool of what I choose to believe is someone else’s spit, although that does make it even more gross, on my pillow. Let’s just thank my lucky stars that I have been on my side when I discover this situation. Has anyone ever drowned from their own saliva? I bet that could happen right?
If this wasn’t enough information to reveal how completely hot I am while unconscious, Andy has informed me that my snoring has gotten even worse than when it was first discovered a few months ago. I read that pregnant women snore because your mucus membranes swell or something like that….I can’t remember that far back. Basically they said it is pretty common and that you will return to normal someday. Well as of last week apparently my snoring has upgraded from just being a little bothersome, to being full-blown distracting. He describes it as sounding as though someone was “having diarrhea into a fan”. Isn’t he just wonderfully descriptive? I can’t for the life of me picture what exactly that sounds like, but I am assuming it is pretty annoying to him. In my defense, he has also started snoring recently, I choose to believe it is sympathy snoring. But when I get up to go pee at 2am, I find it hard to get back to sleep because of his snores. So there. Let he who doesn’t snore cast the first stones, or some crap.
Apparently, it is becoming quite worrisome to passersby to see a pregnant woman walking. The other day I was crossing the road on my way to the train station and the local bus (the one who picks people up from their office buildings and takes them to the train) honked and stopped. The driver opened his window and said ‘why don’t you get in, I am going that way anyway’. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by saying ‘no thanks, I am actually trying to fit in some exercise’, I decided it wasn’t worth it, so I just climbed onto the bus and took the ride. I sat down across from another pregnant woman and wondered if she had encountered a similar situation. 
A few days ago I was up at the front counter in the office, chatting with the Admin about the baby and upcoming shower and all that business. Then she asked ‘so when are you going to have another one?’. If I could have videotaped myself it would have been hilarious. I looked down at my belly and then back and her and then back down at my belly, as if I was trying to find a nice way of saying ‘um, the space is a little occupied right now’ (estoy ocupado). I understood what she meant by the question. She was really saying ‘how long do you think you will wait before you have your second?’. But the head bob was pretty funny. What’s even more funny is that she isn’t the first person to ask me this. It seems like a strange question to get from people while they are looking at your pregnant belly.

Nursery is Finished!….mostly.

Minus a couple of things, like a rug and maybe a lamp and hanging the rest of the art, the nursery is basically done. If you want to see the first transition in paint and fabric, here is that post.

Obviously I love design, but I am also a cheap-ass frugal, so I found lots of ways to cut costs and still get what I wanted. The dressers were hand-me-downs from Andy’s parents. We’ve had them for years and you can see in the first post what they originally looked like. I loved the idea of having a black, white and red baby room, but then I thought if it was a boy, it would be kick-ass to do lime green (aka chartreuse if you’re nerdy like me). I wasn’t really in love with the drawer pulls on the dresser, they were originally gold, but I saw some potential in them if we could paint them. Andy was on board with all my painting tasks, until he realized how much there was to do. Then he started losing interest pretty quickly. He is kind of a perfectionist when it comes to spray painting, so even though I was cool with him just laying down two coats, he kept going over everything again and again. Therefore it truly isn’t my fault that he turned into a bigger job, it was self-inflicted. So despite the fact that I had to pester him a wee bit to finish everything up (he kept saying ‘what’s the big deal, the kid is still a couple months away and he won’t even be sleeping in his crib for a while…..more proof that men do not fully understand us), I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. He did an amazing job.

I still need to hang that Big Butter painting, but it needs a frame, and we have one more that will go by the crib.

The crib in pieces….oh and that is my birth kit pile on the left (the blue box is the pool, Holla!) with a box of baby clothes behind it.

After I finished re-covering the glider. That green is seriously bright. Almost electric. I thought about having Andy paint the glider too, but I figured it can be the one peice of furniture that isn’t black in the room and the wood was in really good condition.

And the crib is together. One of my favorite features is the drawer at the bottom. It’s perfect for all the crib sheets.  

After setting up the bedding. Okay technically I will have to take it off when I get the mattress pad, but I was too excited not to see what it all looked ke together.

A closer look. I will probably take some more overall photos so you can see stuff together, but I am super happy with how everything turned out.
Okay for those interested in what we spent here’s a nerdy breakdown:

  • dressers – free
  • crib- craigslist $160 (score!)
  • changing pad – free
  • changing pad cover – homemade with left over fuzzy fabric from SSIL’s baby gift.
  • spray paint – $40
  • fabric and sewing supplies – $150
  • wall paint, chair rail, misc. supplies – $120
  • shelf – target $18 because it was scuffed (normall $25 score!…yes I get excited about $7 that is like two chocolate malts)
  • black and white tins – $15 for all four
  • curtain rods- $40 target
  • glider and ottoman (forgot to get the ottoman in the picture) – craigslist $40
  • new foam and misc stuff for glider – free (yay for christmas giftcards to the fabric store)
  • Art- christmas and birthday presents from Big Butter that just happen to be the perfect colors to go into the room.
  • Man hours- a shit ton
  • Total = $583..

…wow that is still a lot of money! It is because I bought stuff a little at a time that it didn’t seem like that much. I guess in reality, if I had bought a new glider and a new crib, that alone would have cost the same as this entire project. So I am still going to look at my $600 room as a pretty awesome deal.

Hadn’t Thought of That

So as I was waddling my chunky ass to the train last night, something dawned on me. My water could break at work or on the train. First off, how embarrassing would that be? Second, how would I explain it to those around me “Just making sure they steam clean this seat (awkward laugh)”. Once on the train, there really is nothing to do but ride it all the way downtown to get to the bus. I don’t know anyone between my office and downtown who could come rescue me easily while I hide behind a bush with shame. 
I need to come up with a plan. My only hope is that my water breaks at the office, because I could easily start carrying around a backpack with a change of undies, pants and some super pads. Obviously, I could have these on the train too, but there is no private place to change on the train. Worse case scenario, water breaks on the train, I die of embarrassment and try to think of some funny comment to ease those around me who just witnessed what looked like a pregnant lady peeing her pants, I dash off at the next stop and try to find the closest facility to slip into my back-up outfit. Then jump on the next train and thank my lucky stars that the news of my water breaking couldn’t have reached these people yet. 
Of course option number 2 is to stop riding the train and start driving. I don’t really know what I expect it to be like, but from what I gather, most ladies know they’re in labor well before their water breaks. But that just because you’re in labor doesn’t mean anything is going to be happening anytime soon. It is possible that I will have plenty of time to sneak in another whole work day before things start getting serious. But I am pretty certain the 20 guys I work with will be shoving me out the door if I say anything about contractions. I have this image of my boss flying frantically down the highway with me in his backseat calm as a cucumber. We get to my house and he hands me off to Andy saying ‘you take her!’. Hahaha. At least he has leather seats.
Maybe my “labor backpack” should have some plastic sheeting in it so I can be considerate of the other people on the train and/or whoever might be driving me home. So say my water does break on the train, what do I do? Do I tell the conductor? Somehow I think that would lead to an ambulence and news cameras and all I really want to do is slip quietly (or as quietly as possible) off the train. But it seems really rude to ruin a seat and not give anyone a heads up about it. I suppose once I make it home I could call the transit number and let them know. ‘Hey I was just on the train and my water happened to break, just wanted to say sorry about that’. ‘Course then I would have to have the resolve to remember which train I was on and that definitely won’t be happening. “the white one!”. Hopefully I will just go into some state of other-being-ness and be able to block out the fact that I wet myself on the train in front of 30 strangers and I won’t ever be embarrassed about it.
The downfall about driving is the question of will I be competent enough to drive myself home? And will I be able to get home without being stuck in traffic? At least the train and the bus will get me there no matter what state I am in. The more and more I roll this over in my head, the more I think what will most likely happen is someone at work will take me home, or I will be calling someone to come get me. That’s the most logical solution right?

So I uploaded photos today, shocking! Now instead of getting the past 7 weeks worth of belly pictures, you’ll just get the last two weeks.

33 weeks

34 weeks. I have to admit to you that I started taking this week’s pictures and then I went back to review them and I was wearing the exact same outfit as last week. Doh. So i had to go change my shirt and start over. What a dork.

My belly button is still not cooperating and we are T minus a week and a half away from my maternity photos. Bah, whatever, she’ll hopefully be able to make it work.
Speaking of maternity photos, a friend of mine just sent me the link to view hers and I have to admit, it was a little awkward for me to be looking through her naked ones. She’s a friend, but not that good of a friend. Needless to say, this hot body will not be doing any totally nude ones. The photographer and I discussed ways we could do a couple of belly shots, but that would cover up my imperfections. I have a ridunkulous amount of stretchmarks on my hips and boobs from when I went through my teenage growth-spurt. So my skin isn’t the purdiest canvas…..granted I am pretty amazing when it comes to photoshopping. Hmmm I might have to photoshop my uncooperative belly button. Problem solved! Score. To see previous belly pictures go here.

Grab Your Belly and Run

After my meeting with Dr. McAwesome I called Andy to report back about my findings. When I told him I wanted to check out a couple of daycares on my way home, he said ‘I have to come to that too, I don’t want my baby to be dirty’. So I stalled for a couple of hours and slowly made my way up to Boulder to pick him up.
Our first stop was at a big daycare about three miles from the house. We walked inside and were immediately greeted by the cutest and sweetest receptionist on the planet. She excitedly asked about the due date and if we knew what we were having. Then she went to get the director as we filled out some paperwork. The director buzzed us inside (secure…check) and asked us similar questions in an excited manner. She told us a little bit about their program. It is a Christian facility*, so they incorporate bible stories and such into the curriculum…granted we’re talking about infant care for us, so that’s more of a down the road kind of thing. The classrooms were all painted like little buildings. One was a barn, another was a church (go figure), another was a log cabin. She showed us the different age rooms and talked about child:caregiver ratios. Then we got to the baby rooms. They seemed very clean and organized. The outside wall was lined with cribs and then there was a large open floor area where the babies were laying about. She told us about how every caregiver is highly trained in their diapering technique. They wear gloves and wash their hands and change their gloves between each baby. They also sanitize the changing table between each baby. That sort of stuff…..so I get the idea that this stuff is important, but does it seem like overkill to anyone else for them to have to wear gloves? I would be comfortable with just the washing their hands between changes technique. Call me old fashioned. Of course, maybe it is more for the caregiver than the parent? I don’t know.
But the facility seemed to be really well run. I liked the director. She was really sweet and good natured, she ended the tour talking about how if I have any more questions to please call her and she understood the magnitude of leaving your child with someone. I do have to say that after the tour, I was not lacking faith in their ability to care for Nugget. In fact the only issue with this facility was the price tag, which if you’re curious is just a little shy of our mortgage payment. AHHH!
It was on the trip to the next daycare that the numbers started to sink in. I have always run our budget (no surprise there), so I had an idea a while ago (no I won’t tell you how long ago) what we could comfortably afford for daycare. When looking at a week by week basis, it didn’t seem like that much, but when I figured that monthly number and remembered what we have to spare, I have to admit my skin started to itch.
My only hope was that the next place would be more affordable and if it was within our budget, I could understand sacrificing some of the quality. We arrived at the second daycare to find a toddler running freely across the parking lot, mother 30 feet behind her. Oh Crap! I started to feel like I was going to puke. Granted the toddler was smart, when she saw us pull in, she ran next to a car and stopped. So she had the sense to stop, but we weren’t taking our chances with her. We stopped and stared at her until her mother came up and grabbed her arm. Okay just brush this bad feeling off and keep an open mind. We walked over to the door that said “Welcome” and pulled it open. We were looking down a hallway of closed doors and there was nothing reception-like about this entrance. I walked a few feet down the hallway and then turned around. This can’t be right. No one was there to see us come in, the door was open. We turned to go out and see if there was another door. As I spotted what must have been the main entrance, a woman popped her head out of the “welcome” door. “Can I help you?” she said. “Hi, yeah we were wanting to tour your infant rooms and talk to someone”. She pointed us to the other building and explained that was the infant center. We had walked into the older children area apparently and she did say something about how she saw us in the hallway. But why the hell was the door unlocked? I probably couldn’t have walked into a classroom and taken a kid, but still! Probably if we had gone to the other main entrance, all would have been well, but I was starting to really panic at this point. This is probably what we can afford, oh crap!
I tried to calm myself down as we walked over to the other building. Okay this building is going to be fine, I am sure they have tight security for the infants. Sure enough they do have a double entrance, where the person inside has to buzz you into the second door. But we arrived behind a mother picking up her baby. It kind of surprised the caregiver for us to walk in together. When we explained that we wanted to talk to her about the infant care and costs and such, she said ‘hang on a minute and let me get her (customer) her baby’. We stood to the side as the mother swiped a card through what looked like a credit card machine and then signed her name. She looked like she was 17 and she called back to the caregiver to ask if she could change her daughter before she gave her back……um okay, you’re the mom, you could change her right?
Andy and I stood awkwardly in the room with three babies, two in bouncy chairs holding their bottles and staring at us like who the hell are you people? and one baby in a fancy exerciser thingy. Someday I will know the names for that stuff. It gave us time to be able to look around the building. It was definitely not all the bells and whistles like the other place, but it seemed okay. Alright, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the best. It seemed clean enough, but it was ghetto. I could tell Andy was feeling it as well. There was one lady in there and while she was in the changing room, no one was there watching us. Obviously we’re not bad people, but you realize how vulnerable you kid would be if you were a bad person. Maybe the 17 year old mother would have put us in a choke hold if we had grabbed one of the kids, but I can’t be sure.
She took us through their policies. What we would need to provide: a crib sheet, change of clothes, bottles, milk, wipes, etc. Then we got to the price. It was only $25 a week less than the first place. WHAT? Okay I realize that is $100 less a month, but I was expecting it to be a LOT less because of the drastic differences in the facilities. The credit card machine thingy that the other mom was using had to do with the state childcare assistance program. She explained that was how the state kept track of the moms. She asked if we would be out of pocket and at that point I started wondering if we qualified for the assistance program.

Living in California we saw these on the highway. But after visiting daycare no.2 this is how I felt.
Don’t ask me why Nugget has pigtails.

I don’t want you to feel like I am cheap or anything. I would have no qualms about paying these prices for childcare, the issue is how we would do it? And unfortunately the only answer is, take out student loans under Andy to cover it. Which again, I would only slightly flinch about. I got back in the car and started to really panic. What were we thinking? We can’t afford a child! How does anyone do this? As we made our way home I started contemplating solutions. And really student loans is the only one that would work. I could suspend my 401K contributions, eliminate our Roth-IRAs, get on the HSA instead of the traditional medical plan, get rid of our cell phones, cell my ovaries, but when I started turning these options over in my head, I realized I would have to do basically all of it, to make it work. Maybe the 401K and Roth would be a good idea, but then again, the benefit of continuing those probably far outweighs the idea of having to payback a low-interest-rate student loan in 3 years. I have thought about switching to the HSA but with the unpredictability of a baby and the fact that I don’t have the deductible sitting around ready to use, it would actually be more of a liability to go on that plan. The cell phones wouldn’t make a dent without all the other stuff combined and if your kid is in daycare, you need a cell phone. 
Selling my ovaries will only be an option after I am done having kids, which after looking at childcare costs, maybe I need to be done right now! I could call my student loan companies and ask to suspend them, but that would be a temporary break (they only let you do it for 6 months and you can only do that once, so if I did it and then lost my job in a year, I would be S.O.L).
As you can see this whole two hour experience worked me up into a frenzy. I finally stopped myself and thought ‘okay worst case scenario, we take out some student loans…but there is some time to keep looking’. And that is the truth. As easily as I let this work me up and freak me out, there is still some time to look at other options.
A couple of weeks ago, Andy and I looked at the summer semester classes. The good news is he could take a full-load (thus maintaining his GI Bill), but the classes are so quirky that he would be taking two 3-week classes, one at the beginning and one at the end, and then two classes that are 8-weeks long. Like I said, strange. And he would be in class all-day everyday. Meaning he would have to come home every night to a new baby (granted I would be there) and have to do a ton of homework for the next day. It just seemed like it might be too much. He already admitted that his last summer semester was too short for him to really retain any of the information. And he really wants to get an education, not just pass classes. We decided it would be better for him to take it off. We wouldn’t have to put Nugget in daycare at 8 weeks old, Andy would get a break from school and really get some good bonding in with our baby.
Budget Natalie figured out that we could make it work. We just happened to have enough to get through the summer. Weird how that works out.
But that means the childcare question has some time. I started looking at some home-daycare ads and found a few that sound good. The prices will be about 2/3rds of the daycares we looked at. I think we can make that work. I will have to revisit my budget, but at least if we still had to take out student loans, they would be much smaller.
Even if after looking at every place we decide that the first one is the one we are most comfortable with, in the end we will be okay. Everything will be okay. I am just thankful we have the option to still keep Andy in school and work towards his dreams and I have been blessed to get my little dream. If I had waited until we could truly afford this little man, it would be 8 years from now, when my student loans were paid off. So I guess I am really glad that I didn’t use my rational brain on this one. It took me long enough to get this little dream on his way into my life.

*I don’t really talk about religion in my blog….for a reason. I don’t want any of my bloggy friends to feel like I am attacking their beliefs or like I am trying to suggest my beliefs on them. I am a big supporter of everyone’s right to believe whatever they want. So, trying not to say too much, but still being honest, let me just say that the idea of my child being in a Christian facility kind of gives me the giggles. In fact, the entire ride between the two daycares I couldnt’ stop giggling at the idea that should Nugget stay at this one long-term, it would be like he was at Sunday school 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Dr. Mc….Awesome

I wish I could think of a catchy Mc-name for my first Meet and Greet appointment, but sadly Dr. McAwesome is the best I can do. Now that Andy is back in school and no longer has Friday’s off, that leaves me to my own devices when it comes to my midwife appointments and crazy nesting checklist items. Last Friday was obviously, “Find a Nugget Doctor” Day. Thank goodness my midwife had a few recommendations, both of which were on my insurance, but only one who was accepting new patients. I need to re-pow-wow with her at our appointment this week, because from everything I have read, you should interview at least two doctors, but what happens if you love the first one? 
I went into Dr. McAwesome’s office with a feeling like I was interviewing for a job….and I would have to perform some intricate song and dance. I have no idea why I was nervous. Luckily I am OCD and had written down a series of 7 questions to ask him. I don’t know what I would have done if I had walked in there with no direction. Unfortunately, Dr. McAwesome and I work the same hours, so I took off work early to be his last appointment before the weekend. That meant I sat alone in an exam room for a while. Sadly the only reading options I had to choose from were Diabetes something-or-other and some local women’s resource pamphlet. I chose the women’s pamphlet and have to say that it wasn’t a total waste of time. I left the office with the contact information for a 24 hour emergency vet. Morbid I know, but when I read the ad I realized that the likelihood of Lincoln needing to be put down afterhours and in an emergency state does kind of exist. And I am nothing if not someone who likes to be prepared for all scenarios.
After I made it through the two two-page articles in the women’s pamphlet, I stared into space and listened to the nurses outside the exam room door discuss how one of them would be taking her son to meet some of the Rockies players the next day. As the “mom” nurse talked about details and did some baseball name dropping, I thought: Crap I am going to have to take an interest in sports and shit! Unless, as previously predicted, Nugget decides to go the ballerino route.
Finally Dr. McAwesome arrived. He strolled in wearing a pair of jeans and a Columbia collared shirt. His salt and pepper hair said ‘experience’ and his outfit added that ‘rugged outdoorsman’. He sat down and I nervously went through my seven questions. They might have taken more time if I wasn’t a big dork. But my big ticket items were the circumcision question and to get an idea of how things worked after hours and when I would start bringing Nugget in. Could we delay some vaccinations? That sort of hippie shit. As you might recall I wrote a post several months ago about my struggle with the circumcision issue. As I mentioned in the post, my original plan was to leave that up to Andy and in the end, I returned to that manner of thinking. Although I did tell him that if Nugget ever asks I will blame him entirely for the decision.
Funny enough on Thursday night, the day before Dr. McAwesome’s visit, we went to see Am.y Sch.umer at Com.edy W.orks. In one of her jokes she starts out talking about how she went home with a French guy and was surprised to find that he was uncircumcised. Then she joked about how it was not okay to not warn a girl about that. That if the roles were reversed she would warn him about a giant hood over her lady parts. Andy turned to me and said ‘decision made’. Knowing full well that he was talking about sticking with his decision to get Nugget chopped, I knew that we were back to figuring out how to make that happen.
I read a few articles and since most circumcisions happen in the hospital, unless you’re Jewish, for us to get Nugget altered we’d have to investigate how to do that.  I started out obviously telling him that we were planning a homebirth with a midwife and he said his wife had both their kids at home. He is a big supporter of homebirth patients because he finds us to be ‘informed consumers’. We tend to do a lot of research and have lots of suggestions to bring to the table. I think the circ question was the second thing I asked about and he calmly responded ‘I can do that here in the office’. Is it weird that I was super relieved to hear this? Again, from what I had read, it sounded like if you didn’t birth in a hospital, getting a circumcision is sometimes considered an unneccessary “surgical” procedure, thus being something you pay for out of pocket. I have no idea how much something like that costs? But if it is hospital related, there is no telling. Anyway, after 30 minutes with Dr. McAwesome, I knew he was the Dr. for Nugget. I feel like my baby team is almost complete.

Belly Update

So sorry for my slacking. I was looking back trying to find my last belly pictures and I was shocked at the fact that here I am at 33 weeks and the last one I posted was at 27 weeks (here) Terrible! I am also going to take a few minutes and go link back to the other ones so as you travel back in time through my blog to get to my first pictures (maybe you should get yourself a labcoat and you can pretend you’re Doc Brown from Back to the Future). Anyway without further ado, here is a gang of belly pictures to catch up to last week at least.

28 Weeks

29 Weeks. This was right before my Date Night with Andy. Thus the one time I am wearing make-up. We went to see Josh Blue at Comedy Works. It was so awesome. And turns out we were sitting right behind Josh’s parents who were holding his little baby girl. She was super cute and a Daddy magnet so we spent a good deal of time with Josh Blue right in front of us cooing and holding his baby.  

30 Weeks

31 Weeks. Note to self, stop wearing all dark colors you can’t tell what is going on.

32 Weeks. I look ridiculously tired because I took this one early the morning I left for a work trip. And yes, technically I am not fully caught up. I have to get this week’s photo off the camera, so I suspect that will happen next week. Whatever, you’ll get the idea. Basically belly is growing.