Estoy Ocupado

You know how I am always trying to infuse culture into my blog posts and such? What do you mean you don’t get that from my blog? I say things like ‘numero dos’ and…..and other things. hahaha. Anyway, I thought I would bring some culture into this post with the title. You’re welcome. 
Some pretty funny things have happened lately. First and foremost, I have definitely turned into a drooling machine. You remember a little while ago when I admitted to drooling into my own cleavage? And that was a conscious drooling situation. Lately I have awoken to found myself with a cold pool of what I choose to believe is someone else’s spit, although that does make it even more gross, on my pillow. Let’s just thank my lucky stars that I have been on my side when I discover this situation. Has anyone ever drowned from their own saliva? I bet that could happen right?
If this wasn’t enough information to reveal how completely hot I am while unconscious, Andy has informed me that my snoring has gotten even worse than when it was first discovered a few months ago. I read that pregnant women snore because your mucus membranes swell or something like that….I can’t remember that far back. Basically they said it is pretty common and that you will return to normal someday. Well as of last week apparently my snoring has upgraded from just being a little bothersome, to being full-blown distracting. He describes it as sounding as though someone was “having diarrhea into a fan”. Isn’t he just wonderfully descriptive? I can’t for the life of me picture what exactly that sounds like, but I am assuming it is pretty annoying to him. In my defense, he has also started snoring recently, I choose to believe it is sympathy snoring. But when I get up to go pee at 2am, I find it hard to get back to sleep because of his snores. So there. Let he who doesn’t snore cast the first stones, or some crap.
Apparently, it is becoming quite worrisome to passersby to see a pregnant woman walking. The other day I was crossing the road on my way to the train station and the local bus (the one who picks people up from their office buildings and takes them to the train) honked and stopped. The driver opened his window and said ‘why don’t you get in, I am going that way anyway’. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by saying ‘no thanks, I am actually trying to fit in some exercise’, I decided it wasn’t worth it, so I just climbed onto the bus and took the ride. I sat down across from another pregnant woman and wondered if she had encountered a similar situation. 
A few days ago I was up at the front counter in the office, chatting with the Admin about the baby and upcoming shower and all that business. Then she asked ‘so when are you going to have another one?’. If I could have videotaped myself it would have been hilarious. I looked down at my belly and then back and her and then back down at my belly, as if I was trying to find a nice way of saying ‘um, the space is a little occupied right now’ (estoy ocupado). I understood what she meant by the question. She was really saying ‘how long do you think you will wait before you have your second?’. But the head bob was pretty funny. What’s even more funny is that she isn’t the first person to ask me this. It seems like a strange question to get from people while they are looking at your pregnant belly.


5 thoughts on “Estoy Ocupado

  1. I am a freak show in the drooling department. More times than I can count have I drooled on my husbands chest when I'm snuggled up both asleep and awake. He just loves that as you can imagine. I say good for you for owning it. πŸ™‚

  2. I am drooling and snoring like a champ these days too! It's totally embarrasing! I wake myself up mid snore/snort sometimes only to find a huge wet spot on my pillow from all the drool. Dead sexy!

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