Who Me?

Darling E over at Manymanymoons has deluded herself into somehow liking the crazy word-vomit that results in my blog and thus bestowing on me this little award. E, thank you but you certainly need to have some sort of head examination because my award acceptance will be an extreme let-down compared to yours. Hilar-balls. If you don’t follow Manymanymoons, get your rear end over there and check her out. Okay so apparently there are rules and shit to go with this award. I will try to follow them as best I can.

Here’s how this works:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself (Thank goodness this doesn’t say 7 “interesting” things)
3. Award some recently discovered bloggers that are deserving
4. Contact those bloggers and let them know about the award

Numero uno  esta termine (high five for more culture). Numero dos:

1. So far I have one stretch mark as a result of the Nugget. It kind of looks like a lightening bolt so every time I see it in the mirror I can’t help but feel a little bit like Harry Potter and think that it is a symbol of my surviving Lord Voldemort’s attack. The previous statement might lead you to believe that I have read all the books and/or seen all the Harry Potter movies, but this would be false. I have only read the first three books and sadly haven’t gone any further because every time Andy catches me with one (I borrow them from his sister) he teases me about how someday I might graduate to reading books from the adult sections of the bookstore. He reinforces this every time we are at the bookstore and pass the “Young Adult” section. He says ‘here’s your section’. What a smart ass.

2. My favorite pizza topping is pineapple. This really grosses some people out because yes, it combines the salty flavors of cheese with the sweet flavors of the pineapple. But I think it is delicious. For those of you who like hawaiian pizza, I would come to your party, but if left to my own devices I leave the ham off.

3. If I had an afternoon to myself with no threat of ever being caught, I would totally sit down and play with my dollhouse. I picked it up from my dad’s house a couple of months ago and pretended to be an adult when we put it in the storage space under our stairs. But secretly as Andy and I pushed it back as far as it would go, I thought ‘NOOOOOooo!’

4. I have always wanted to get one of those rent-an-RV things and go on a road trip, which sort of makes me similar to my 70-year-old great aunt and uncle who have an RV of their own. The only thing that skeeves me out is having to hook up the sewer pipe when you get to the RV parks. Eeeeww. I actually checked to see how much it would cost for us to rent it for our trip to Louisiana next November and i was shocked at how ridiculously overpriced they are. Not including gas, the cost of the rental would be more than the cost of going on two trips to Louisiana via airplane and that includes lodging. The thrifty side of me then thought about asking my next door neighbor if we could borrow his camper in exchange for a couple hundred bucks. *sigh* maybe someday my dreams of an RV weekend will come to fruition

5. I am not certain of when exactly it happened, but I noticed the other day that I officially can no longer see my vajayjay. I am pretty sure this situation happened a while ago, but the discovery of it was kind of hilarious. I was in the middle of my hair removal routine and decided it was time to clean up that “region” as well. As I went to look down, I discovered I couldn’t see it. So I bent further….nope still couldn’t see it. I basically tried to fold myself in half before I realized this wasn’t going to happen. I decided the safest thing to do would be to put down the razor. I am not exactly the most adept person when it comes to sharp objects, so going in blind with something sharp is a no-no…..I just realized this is probably not something I should have included in the “7 Things About Me”. But the fact that I did put it in here makes me laugh, so I am leaving it. Now you are kind of wishing it was a “4 Things About Me” requirement.

6. I have seriously always wanted to have full-fledged Betty Page hair. Like this:

I love this style and supposidly it is super flattering on people who have big foreheads, which I do. But so far i haven’t been brave eough to do it. I did leave my comfort zone about a year ago when I cut bangs for the first time in 20-some years, but as I am not that girlie, I obviously failed at the upkeep and styling of them after a few weeks. Maybe someday…
7. I still constantly battle to be a responsible adult. I have always been responsible to the nth-degree when it comes to money and bills and such. But when it comes to being cleanly and organized, I fail way more than I pass. So I get how if you do the dishes after you finish eating dinner that will prevent piles of dishes and things from finding their way onto your counters, but who wants to do that? And it makes sense how if you do a load of laundry and don’t pull it out of the dryer and fold it, it will be wrinkly and need to be done again. I have been trying to take little steps to increase my “housekeeping” skills. Recently I started putting the towels that coordinate with each of the two bathrooms in the closets near the respective bathrooms (which confused the crap out of Andy). Similarly, I relocated the clean sheets for our bed in the closet down by our bedroom instead of up in the main floor linen closet. But apparently linen organization is as far as I have gotten. I still have an extreme collection of home improvement supplies camping out on our dining room table. Caulk, weather-stripping, screwdrivers, wrenches, you name it, it is most likely on our kitchen table. I’d really like to get this stuff put away in the next few weeks. And I supposed I would like to get better about dusting too. Bleh, how did our mothers stay on top of all this stuff….oh yeah, they assigned us chores. I need more kids. 
Whew, it is crazy how hard it was to come up with 7 things to tell you. They were pretty pitiful things to, now that I look at them. Oh well. 
Okay now for passing on the award:
This is tough because it states “recently discovered blogs” and I haven’t been up to my normal stalking levels. Plus E, you totally stole all my peeps with your nominations and I can’t really nominate you back, but I would if I could. So here are a couple of gems that the other awardees haven’t mentioned.
JennieJen at Cedar Fern
Dear Girls Above Me So this is kind of cheating, but again, I haven’t been discovering many new blogs. I follow this blog, but don’t comment because he has like a billion followers. But seriously you guys need to check it out. It brings a smile to my face with every little post.
Yeah, that’s all I got because Oak and Crossed Fingers were already stolen and they are my most recently discovered blogs. Whatever you are all winners again in my book.


5 thoughts on “Who Me?

  1. Yay…I got nominated. Now crap, I gotta think of something witty to say. I hope I rise to the task! Check the blog tomorrow! YAY. Oh…and FYI,I am all for pineapple pizza without the ham too! Yum…pizza party!

  2. You are too sweet and totally crack me up! Thank you for the shout out. I love me some pineapple on pizza (hold the ham for sure). You and your lady part manicuring is hilarious. I say let it fly until the very last minute and then aim the razor down south and hope for the best. :)I just told my dad a few weeks ago that the next time I'm home I'm going to take my dollhouse home with me. I LOVE playig with it (plus, who doesn't want to feel like a giant from time to time). 🙂

  3. Tell Andy to go to time out while you finish reading Harry Potter – those books rock!!Pineapple – delish. Ham on pizza, no way, hence I cannot do Hawaiian pizza. However, we just discovered that if you patty up hamburger meat with diced green chiles (and blue cheese if you like it!), that after you cook them, you pour diced pineapples with a little of the juice over the top and they are the most DIVINE burgers I've eaten in my life. Divine. Try it. Like yesterday.I'll never forget my BFF telling me she needed a mirror to clean up her nether regions. Weird to think about…until you can't see anymore and it makes sense I guess. LOL.

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