Oh Suck It Steamboat

I got this in my e-mail this morning. They are just rubbing it in now. I have pretty much been avoiding ski reports at all costs, since I chose to not risk trying to ski this year. But apparently I still get random e-mails to say ‘hey preggo, look what you’re missing! nanner nanner naaaannnerrrr!”. Whatevs, Nugget and I are going to be up there next year kickin’ ass and takin’ names…….44 inches in the past four days…..damn you! (Repeat in head:Totally worth it, totally worth it.)

5 thoughts on “Oh Suck It Steamboat

  1. Ooooh – we've gotten 22" out of the last storm – 44" sounds amazing!!!! I hope to God I'm pregnant next winter, but if I get KU soon, maybe next spring ski we can get up on the mountain together!!

  2. OMG I KNOW! I cannot believe the perfect skiing conditions this year AND the fact that I had a pretty, brand new pair of goggles I want to try out. But it's worth it and next season…I'll going to hopefully ski my little heart out.

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