Keep in Mind This Was Hard to Do.

Taking up close pictures of your belly is kind of difficult. I think I ended up taking about 30 to get a handful that were decent. Hahaha. In case you were curious the internet guy didn’t come during the Henna painting. Woohoo! But I was still painted and smelling like a hippie when he did arrive. My shirt was down over it, but it was drying, so I was dropping little pieces of what looked a lot like mice poop as I walked around with him. I told myself he didn’t notice. Denial-land.

And now you can see my teenage hip stretch marks.

A little blurry sorry, I was seeing if the mirror technique worked better. Fail.
So now the henna darkens and I go in on Saturday for her to take pictures of it for her book. I am not sure how long it will take to get those back from her? But when I do I will post them too.

8 thoughts on “Keep in Mind This Was Hard to Do.

  1. This looks awesome! What a cool idea! Sorry i haven't been commenting lately but I have been reading (mostly during pump time). Anyway I can't wait to see the other belly pics-yay!

  2. Wow, that is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I would love a pic for my studio if you/her would be willing to share. I am also happy to have a watermark of her info on it.

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