38 Weeks

Still not boiling, in case you were wondering. 8 1/2 months as of yesterday. That is freakin’ crazy talk. I was writing a little note to the nugget Sunday night in the journal I bought like 42 seconds after finding out I was pregnant (I’d like to go ahead and appolgize to baby number 2. I love you very much but you might not see that since Nugget has a journal and like two baby books and a belly picture from every week. But you are loved). Don’t worry I keep it mostly clean in there. No need to scar him with talk of giant brown nipples and farts and things. Anyway, as I was writing out the date I realized that there are only 6 more days in February (technically 8 more days because again I was realizing this Sunday night….I like to be accurate in my reporting). Then I realized that by March 20th I would more than likely have this little nugget in my arms. I think I just had a heart attack ya’ll; that is seriously like not enough time and shit. I mean technically I am running out of things to do, so in reality he needs to show up before I start repainting the exterior of the house or something silly like that….hmmm I think I could get that done in the next couple of weeks…..just kidding, but seriously technically there is time and we do have that home depot gift card…hmmm. The way I keep myself from seriously thinking about Vajayjay Destruction 2011 (which is what I have dubbed the impending birth of the Nugget, FYI) is by making lists. No seriously, when I say list I don’t just mean tiny sticky notes. I have graduated past the sticky note phase and am making full-on lined paper to do lists. What’s worse? Now there are multiple lists. I have my list at work (give co-worker money for girl scout cookies just in case you go into labor tomorrow) and my home list. But to top it off, there are things that I am forgetting to put on the official lists. For example, I know full well that “blow up fishie pool” is not on the list and it should be. So that means I have a mental list too. I am pretty sure my brain is going to explode. So even though it seems crazy talk to think that in a month I will physically have a itty bitty human following me around, it might be best for my brain for him to show up before I drive myself insane with the lists.
My weekend was pretty kick-ass though and I was able to get a lot of rest. So just because I sound all crazy busy with my lists, I am taking it easy and being sure to enjoy life. Friday was my midwife appointment and all was well. She checked my glucose level again (with the pokey diabetes thing, if you are curious) and that was good. Plus we did the routine protein urine test and weight. For record’s sake I have gained 28lbs since 12 weeks. Which is pretty awesome. For all you ladies out there who might be feeling bad about your weight gains, keep in mind, I was like 30lbs over where I would have liked to have been (whoa did that make sense?). Even though my total weight gain is looking good, my goal after this little Nugget is to lose at least 50lbs if not more. Again, I want to be a hot mom….and a healthy mom. Technically that is more important….but hot too! Anyway after that she conducted pelvimetry on me. I have no idea how to conjugate that. She pelvimetrized me? Whatevs basically she examined my pelvis so she’d have a mental picture of what it looks like and how the baby will come out. Yes…basically that means I got a lady parts examination. FYI I have kind of pointy ischial spines, but there is lots of room at my pelvic bridge. What all that fancy talk that I don’t really understand means is that she thinks he’ll come out just fine, but there might be a few techniques we’ll try to get his head through my ischial spines. I don’t know about ya’ll but I thought it was really fascinating….I mean awkward for shizzle, but fascinating all the same.
She checked for my cervix and was only able to barely reach it, meaning….it will be a while probably. The Nugget is head down with his back on the left side of my belly. I was told to talk to him over the next few weeks and tell him “put your chin to your chest and cross your hands by your heart”. Andy was like ‘that would be good if he knew what his chin was’. But whatevs. I have been giving him a little back rub every day and telling him ‘tuck your chin buddy’.
After my appointment I went over to Emmicake’s house. She was home because she had to go to the cadiologist on Friday. She’s 15 weeks and having heart palpatations. Scary shit. Well technically not the scariest shit that could be going on. I guess it is pretty common and the baby is fine. But they did want to monitor how often they were happening. So she was all franken-preggo when I went over there because she had wires coming out of her. They record her heart for 24 hours and then she takes the monitor off. I think they are looking at it today, so who knows how long it will take to hear back about what’s going on. We chilled for a bit and then I came home. Andy and I just spent the rest of the night hanging out and relaxing.
Saturday I happily slept in and then got ready for my Henna pictures. She already sent them to me, so I will try to remember to post them soon. Andy was obviously rebelling against the hippie-ness because he put on his “Taliban it’s what’s for dinner” shirt. The pictures only took 20 minutes or so and then we met one of Andy’s friends for lunch.
After a couple of hours of chatting and munching we headed to REI. The jogging stroller I have been eyeing was on clearance there, so I wanted to look at it in person and decide if it was what I wanted. I ended up having to order one into the store anyway because the colors left on the floor were not my favs. But I at least got to play around with it and stuff. That was officially the last baby item we need…..or at least I think. I am sure that two days after he gets here I am going to be like ‘shit! I didn’t think of that one thing’. But the major stuff is outta the way.
After REI we actually saw my dad. I am as shocked as you are. Did I mention how he said he would come see me a few weekends ago and then never called? Or maybe I mentioned how his wife e-mailed me to tell me that he has been too worn out to call? Now I am not sure what you consider strenuous, but considering my dad is someone who basically swims, runs, skiis and cycles every week,  I am pretty sure scrolling through his contacts and hitting ‘send’ is one of the least strenuous things he can do is. But I am a moody pregnant girl. Maybe under normal circumstances I would have been more understanding of that statement…..yeah probably not.
Anyway so Shelly and Dad were down in Denver for the Mid-winter bluegrass festival, so we met them for dinner. The dinner basically consisted of Shelly peppering me with questions about homebirth and her telling me how scared she is. Considering she is a nurse, it scares me way more to go to a hospital. But the most important thing is that I was able to catch up with my dad. He seems to be doing well with his treatment. It appears he is embracing the hormones because he showed us his green painted toenails. He and Shelly went to get pedicures for valentine’s day and he decided to get his painted lime green. I have to admit, it was a little weird, but whatevs. I guess I should embrace the fact that my dad is weird.
Everytime Andy and I spend time with them we recall our Cocaine Christmas. Interacting with them still feels somewhat schizophrenic. I can’t pinpoint why. Maybe it feels a little like a Cirque de Soliel show where there is so much going on you don’t know where to look. But they did offer to bring us some frozen meals and said they would like to bring us a hot meal and could hold the baby while we ate……hmmm I am going to let other people hold my baby right? I was reading in “The Baby Book” that mothers sometimes have a really hard time letting anyone else touch their babies. Am I going to be like that? Right now it feels like I will be like ‘here, hold him, I am going to take a nap’. But I could be in for a big surprise.  
Whoa just realized this post is getting out of hand. Better start wrapping it up. Sunday was pretty chill day. I went to the store to get a bunch of food, my midwife said that childless couples usually need to make an extra effort to start keeping more food around since we’re so used to waiting a week when we run out of milk. You should have seen my shopping cart. It was hilarious. I also steam cleaned the carpets and put the downstairs couch back together for what I hope is the last time. I have been blocking Coby off completely, but I can tell she is constantly thinking about getting back down there and getting to work.
So yeah, that was basically my weekend. This week I am going to make a few large meals so we can freeze what we don’t eat. On the list is Chicken Pot Pie, Beef and Lentil Soup, Stuffed Shells and Cinnamon Rolls…..okay I realize that last one is not an actual meal. I was just thinking how yummy it would be to be able to wake up and microwave a cinnamon roll for breakfast while I am home on leave. Plus I have kind of always wanted to make homemade cinnamon rolls. I’ll let you know if any of them make it to the freezer. Anyway, yep still pregnant and still feeling really good. I get a few aches in my ribs and my pelvis, but they aren’t constant and I’ve been trying to adjust how I lay in bed and sit to try to lessen them. That seems to help. The heartburn still shows up several times a day, but any kind of dairy product has been helping that….especially ice cream….not that I would know about that. ahem. Gotta go, I have some leafy green vegetables to eat…..yeah.


4 thoughts on “38 Weeks

  1. I love the part about you rubbing Nugget's back and talking to him. So cute! Glad you are still feeling good, got to see your dad and he is doing well, and I CAN't BELIEVE YOU ARE 38 WEEKS PREGNANT! The time just seemed to fly! Can't wait to "meet" your little guy.

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