Big Butter Might Be in LOooovvveeee!

I met Big Butter after work last night to borrow his video camera. Our usual rendezvous point is just a Starbucks downtown. I had intended to celebrate my E.D.D with some D.Q., but it was 27 degrees out and despite my innner heater, hot chocolate sounded like a much better idea. We sat down to chat while I sipped my cup of chocolatey goodness. He looks up and me and in an exasperated manner says “Adorable Chick’s Name Natalie, …..Adorable Chick’s Name” (didn’t think it would be fair to out her on my blog and what not. Hopefully that statement makes sense to you all. Adorable Chick is actually one of my childhood friends. Her mom is a nurse who worked in the recovery room with my dad. I can’t tell you at exactly what age we started hanging out, I just remember some of the fondest childhood memories involved playing at their house. They had an awesome fort in their back yard, a couple of abandoned cars and a tire swing, not to mention the fact that their house was near an alley and thus we would spend hours playing “alley girls”. We were rough kids living on the street, evading the police and running from trouble. It’s okay, you can tell me how awesome we were and how you wish you could have been there too. Her parent’s were awesome too. Her dad is an uber tall, yet ridunkulously skinny black man from New York. He was an amazing roller skater and would take us to the roller rink regularly.  For work he is a potter. So we would spend hours in his studio watching him throw. Her mom is white, thus I grew up having no idea that some people took issue with that sort of thing. In addition to being a nurse and a big hippie, her mom was super creative as well. She painted these gorgeous eggs, it sounds cheesy when I say it now, but they were really kick-ass. It was at their house that I first saw “The Whiz” and I still get “Get on Down the Road” stuck in my head regularly. FYI watching that movie inspired us to spend a lot of time pretending to be the characters and singing and dancing down aforementioned alley. They had an annual summer party where they would dig a pit in the yard, lay an old bed frame over it and roast a pig. The grown-ups would drink into the wee hours of the night and we would rejoice in the fact that we could run around the neighborhood unsupervised way past our regular bedtimes.
Adorable Chick just had an older sister, “V”. “V” is a year older than me and Adorable Chick was a year younger than me. Being as there were no boys in their family, I don’t really recall Big Butter hanging out with us that much. He would chill with the boy kids that would come to the party, but he never came over when I would go over to hang out. And I am assuming since it was called “alley girls” and not “alley kids” he probably didn’t participate in that either….his loss.
Anyhoodles, you remember a bazillion years ago when I was bitching about my dad and the falling through of solstice plans? Well the solstice party I was referring to crashing was “V” and Adorable Chick’s parents…..did that make sense? As you know, Andy and I didn’t go, but Big Butter did. And at that party he laid eyes on Adorable Chick for the first time in over a decade.
I had talked to him shortly afterward and he was saying how beautiful she was and how he would love to ask her out. I agreed that she is flippin’ amazingly beautiful and he should go for it. Big Butter after all was the sought after male for oodles of girls. My friends would all pine over him. Looking back, of course he was super cute, but he was also my brother so it bugged the shit out of me. Girls I didn’t even know would come up to me and say ‘are you _ _’s little sister?….OMG he is SOOOO hot!’. How do you respond to that? ‘um thanks’? If I was smart I would have capitalized on that shit and said something like ‘give me a $10 and I’ll think about giving him your number’. Girls are stupid, they totally would have gone for that and I could have probably never taken out a student loan in my life. Shit now who’s the stupid one? Me. 

Big Butter is a hottie, but he is also one of those annoyingly super nice and kind of shy guys. I have no idea how that happened. Oh and have I mentioned he is also an amazing cook and a musician? WTF, why did he get all the awesome genes? Just kidding, I am totally awesome too…..mostly because I count “super dork” as an awesome attribute. So I kind of have rose-colored glasses when looking at Big Butter. Let’s see. His negative aspects are that he can sometimes be an artistic weirdo. He went through this period where he had a giant beard and long hair and he has a tendancy to sit silently and contemplate, but during this phase it was extra strange-looking, thus Andy and I dubbed that his “Jesus” phase.
Hang on to your pants Biscuit, I know how you love the bearded fellows. Big Butter during said “Jesus” phase, Me and Dad.
Sometimes I think his biggest downfall is that he can be “too nice”.  Strangely chicks like to be treated poorly and neglected. Big Butter isn’t like that. He will call you back, and ask you questions like he is really interested in your opinion, he will be creative when coming up with things for you guys to do together. I know I know, what the hell is wrong with him? I am not sure? The biggest hurdle for his love life the past few years has been that he is now 31 and isn’t wealthy. He is a web designer, but he only works enough to pay for his living expenses. He would much rather spend his time riding his bicycle on the trails, and/or working on his music, than sitting in front of the computer all day to have a hefty bank account. Personally I like this way of thinking, work to live, not live to work. But chicks his age don’t see it like that. Their biological clocks are a’tickin’ and most of the ladies he has encountered are looking for someone who can take care of them and get them pregnant. He has had a hard time finding girls who just want to have a good time and not move at a million miles an hour to get to that “settled” level. I understand both sides of the coin. If I was a 30-something woman on the prowl, it would be hard not to feel the pull of that clock. But I can also see Big Butter’s point of view, he’s not ready to get married, he just wants to date. Thus a younger woman is the perfect fit for him.
Anyway, he decided to pursue Adorable Chick. Which turned out to take some time. She had some stuff going on, but finally they were able to connect and make plans for this past weekend. And it sounds like things went well. After his happy exasperated  statement I asked him if he really liked her. He said ‘she is so flippin’ unbelieveable. I was like out of breath she is so gorgeous’. I asked if it felt like she thought things were romantic or if it was more of a friendship vibe. He said he thought they both saw it as a romantic pursuit and that they had lots of plans to do things. She likes to mountain bike, so they are going to do that. She loves art and music, so they have lots of plans to check out stuff around Denver. Suddenly my eyes got that hopeful sparkle that this could really turn into something for him. I feel like he gets kind of lonely. And I hate for him to be lonely because he is so completely awesome. Some really lucky and wonderful girl needs Big Butter and he needs her.
I am putting on my own brain brakes though. Normally I would get super duper excited and start planning his wedding (see “super dork” above) and telling him what he should name their kids. But I am just going to sit back and let things happen. As much as I want to jump on my FB and start up the side gossip with Adorable Chick, I totally know the “cool little sister” thing to do would be to stay completely out of it and wait until the opportunity presents itself for him to bring her out to dinner or something.
Okay but since you’re my bloggy friends can I admit something to you? Like you won’t judge me or anything and you’ll keep it a secret and stuff. So I can go all out super dork on you. Okay here’s the deal. So I have my mom’s wedding rings and I love them obviously. She left them to me and never expected that I give them away or anything, but there was some part of me that thought if Big Butter ever found the most wonderful girl ever and got to the point where he wanted to marry her, in my heart I thought it would be super special if he could give her one of mom’s rings (I have her original engagement and wedding rings and her 25th anniversary ring, so I think it would be okay to let him have one of them). Anyway, when I thought about him and Adorable Chick, my heart just swelled thinking that she is exactly the girl I could part with one of these precious rings for. ESPECIALLY because mom knew and loved her……I know! I am out of control retarded dorky. There is no logical reason I should be making this leap at this point. So now that I have admitted this to you, I am going to re-establish my “cool little sister” stance and back the F off. Let them figure it out. Maybe it will work out, maybe it won’t, does that sound like something a “cool little sister” would say?

7 thoughts on “Big Butter Might Be in LOooovvveeee!

  1. The part at the end got me about your mom's rings. My dad gave me my mom's rings and I used most of the small diamonds out of it to make my rings, but I still have her center stone. I've always thought that when the time comes for my brother to get engaged, I would give him the center stone if he wanted it too. It's great that your mom knew this girl – I am so thankful she knew JJ.

  2. What a great friend…and a great brother too! Sounds like a good match! Keep us posted! I had me some DQ today too. FYI a banana shake cures acid reflux! šŸ™‚ Here's hoping I don't make that a daily tradition or I'll pack on 10 pounds again this month! šŸ™‚

  3. you posted this at 4:20 – tee hee. And you didn't get DQ yesterday after I expressly told you to? Hmmm…Fun for Big Butter. Keep us posted and stay "cool little sister" out of it unless asked for help. Which as a lame little sister, I know nothing about.

  4. That idea to give out your brother's phone number for money is brilliant – I should have done that as well, except my brother is 5 years younger than me and we did not run in the same circles at all. Good thing he is in a serious relationship now, or I might try to pimp him out, lol.

  5. Um, it's a good goddam thing i didn't get wind of jesus-bro earlier. i'd be in the family with that kind of beard action.Also, i think it's KIND OF magical that your mom actually knew this girl, and maybe one of those rings IS meant for her, like she's playing some kind of role in this. oooh, misty over here now. damn PMS.

  6. i find it strangely funny that I know exactly who "Adorable Chick" and "V" are… and in case my opinion matters at all to you or your "Big Butter," I think he has made an excellent choice and I hope it works out! =)

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