Jack Lucas Arrives

Sorry guys. I’m alive and well. Nugget arrived safe and sound on Monday March 14th at 5:50am. He was born at home, but of course things didn’t go exactly according to plan. I promise to write his birth story here too. It will be titled “I want my pool!” so hopefully from that you can guess that the main turn of events was that I didn’t get my calm, soothing water birth. But C’est la vie (culture even when I am bleary eyed and my nipples are ready to fall off). Okay here are the stats and pictures to tide you over. 
Weight 6lbs 12oz
Length 19.5 inches
Eyes: Blue so far

Little bit of hair- Brown


10 thoughts on “Jack Lucas Arrives

  1. Look at that little thing. You know that I am so so happy for you. He's just snoozing away. What I am not happy about is that there is no picture of YOU on the blog or Facebook post baby birthin. We want to see momma! πŸ™‚

  2. So happy for you Nat. πŸ™‚ Can't wait for more pics and the birth story. Can you believe you and Katie have little boys born 3 days apart now?! How fun!!

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