A Nugget to Tide You Over

So trying to write a cohesive post about your birth story, while working really hard to get your milk supply in and not sitting around too long in a shirt with poop on it and going to the bathroom every once in a while proves to be quite the effort. It is such a strange joy though. I stare down at this little bald boy who is just barely the size of a small ham and I think ‘this is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me’. I have wanted him for so long and it is so surreal to think that he is here and all mine…well I do have to share him some. I feel his little skull and try to recall all the events leading up to pushing it out into this world. I don’t want to leave out any pieces. So to tide you all over until I get it all together here’s a video of my little man.

7 thoughts on “A Nugget to Tide You Over

  1. Oh my goodness!First- welcome to the Mom club, I see that you've discovered the challenge of blogging (or showering, or self-care at all) with a small attention nabber, not that we blame you ;)Second- He makes me smile so big my heart could burst! I miss you guys so much, must come visit soon. Give him a kiss from me, we are so glad he is here.

  2. 🙂 So fun, I'll be doing some of the same shortly. I've been thinking about getting the birth story started but I almost feel as though it needs chapters! Jack and Mac both have "happy arms". The nurses laugh that he freaks if we swaddle his arms and so we swaddle him and his arms flail free… 🙂

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