Apparently I am more qualified than I remember

Dudes! I have so much shit floating around in my brains. I need to dump it on you in a random and chaotic manner. Apologies.

Here’s a fun fact apparently I have professional amnesia. I have had this fear….this fear that I am losing information at a rapid pace. Namely, the information gained during my master’s degree. My master’s is in Historic Preservation….and as you might have noticed…designing new airports doesn’t exactly have much to do with that degree. Okay okay. I graduated in the recession…preservation jobs were few and far between and so I looked at my options, admittedly from a monetary point of view. Don’t get me wrong, my job is the bomb….but the opportunity to combine my love of architecture with that of preservation is kind of like grasping at straws around here. I have had some opportunities, but…..this is what has resulted in me thinking I am loosing information. Well last week the big man asked me what exactly the title of my degree was. “why?” says me, after telling him. “we are going after something that requires a historic preservationist”. me = pee my pants….okay not really. So the dilly is that we might never get the project. Even if we get the project there is no guarantee I will work on it, but there is still a shred of hope that it could all come together and I could be back in the saddle. A lady from our corporate office e-mailed and asked for some examples of work. Over the weekend I dug some up. Turns out, I have experience that I totally forgot about. And the information…yep still in my brains. Score! Man isn’t it amazing how we let our lack of self-confidence totally beat the shit out of our subconscious? I mean seriously, I was like freaking out that I had wasted all this time and money on this degree and not remembered a darn thing. I am happy to report, so not true. Whew!

Oak’s boobs are totally a bad influence. We was texting yesterday during a pumping break…I was excited to tell her about my new hands-free device. Anyway she reported that she has been battling a clogged duct. Well apparently my boob got jealous about her boob’s condition and this morning I have a golf-ball…okay okay large marble sized hard spot that is kind of sore. At first I thought Nugget didn’t get his fill this morning before I left, but when I sat to pump, it didn’t go away. So I texted her and she verified that it was in fact probably a clogged duct. She said to apply heat. “shit! how do I do that at work? put my boob in the toaster oven?”. Good thing for me, Oak is a smartie pants and said I should microwave papertowels. Totally about to try that for my mid-day pump. She then said it would indeed get worse from here most likely. Nooo! I’ll let you know how this adventure goes. In the meantime, stay clear of Oak’s boobs, they might bring yours to the dark side as well.

Oh! The new hands-free device! So my girl Lara (aka Lar-bar, we’ve known each other since birth) commented on my Electric Baby Post that she found these Pumpin Pals flanges that allow you to sit back and pump rather than lean forward. Well I went to their website to check it out and saw they had a kid, which included several sized flanges so you could find the right fit for you, and a hands-free thingie. I was started to get a little tired of just sitting there holding the pump for 3- ten minute sessions everyday. So I jumped at the idea of being able to read….or obviously text. Turns out not only are the flanges awesome, but the hands-free device works too.

On Saturday I decided it was time to try out this running thing….after all I did get a really nice jogging stroller. I got my gear on and strapped Jack in. Andy asked where I would be going just in case we never returned. I started out “I am thinking I will run up through the neighborhood and over to the bike path…then I wanted to go check out the South Platte and see how much water is in it…..on second thought…it is my first time out. Maybe I will just run up to the house with the trampolines and then turn towards the school and head back” (a 1/2 mile loop as opposed to a 4 mile one). Good thing I didn’t over-commit myself. I made it to the house with the trampolines and then over to the corner by the school…..and then i needed a break. It felt like I was moving at the speed of dark. I was so slow! After walking a little ways I decided to try to run a little bit more….that lasted about 100 feet. Nope done. I walked the rest of the way home. So I guess in retrospect it went better than I thought. I was thinking I would make it 100 feet and then have to call Andy to come pick us up.

Yesterday I went out and did it again. Drumroll….and I made it the whole way! Woohoo! Maybe a few more months I’ll be back up to speed and able to go 3 miles again.

We were forced to let Andy’s parent’s babysit Jack on Saturday night. His step-mom battered us into it. On Friday she called my work and my cell, texted me and sent me an e-mail (excessive no?) saying that they could come down and watch Jack if we wanted to go out to eat. Here’s the deal though, we can take Jack everywhere we like to go. He is pretty easy. When we’re eating out, he usually sleeps in his carseat. When we go shopping or whatever, he just looks around quietly. So not only is he easy to take everywhere we go, but we like having him with us. Shocking I know! But obviously they were excited to do this, so I figured we could go to a movie or something with the neighbors. There really wasn’t anything I wanted to see, but Bride.smaids looked kind of funny and the neighbor talked about wanting to see it. So we decided to go on a double-date. Andy and I discussed it later and I am sure Jack would have been fine through the movie as well. Pretty much as long as my boobs are around, he’s content…..which brings us to the fact that bottle feeding….yeah still not going so well.

Lara called what Jack does “reverse cycling”? He will take about 3-5 ounces in the entire 12 hours I am gone. Then when I get home he goes ape-shit on the ladies. It is totally cool with me. The girls seem to be able to accommodate him, but it does make me worry about a few things. First, will we be able to leave him places? I am sure the daycare people are super professional and can figure out how to get him to eat from the bottle, so maybe all our problems will be resolved when Andy goes back to school. But until then, what if I have to travel for work. I doubt that will happen. Pretty sure my boss is waiting for a while to send me back out. It would just be a whole heck of a lot easier if he would just give in already. I have thought about trying to cup feed him. The books I’ve read suggest it, but then there’s the worry that when he goes to daycare they won’t want to take the time to feed him from a cup. *sigh*. Does anyone know like the Na.nny of bottle feeding? Is there like a bottle whisperer? I thought about contacting my La Lec.he Le.ague rep, but I figure that is not really their area of expertise. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Oh, an additional result of the aforementioned lack of eating during the day, is my freezer looks ridiculous. I must have a couple of gallons of milk in there.

All right I am going to stop there. I am known for writing way too much, so yeah.


3 thoughts on “Apparently I am more qualified than I remember

  1. First off, if you think my boobs are a bad influence, just wait until my kid gets near yours. Yep. Second, when you ran did you also, um, pee your pants? I apparently have exercise-induced urinary incontinence…as if I needed another excuse NOT to work out. Third, I think that historic perservationist is actually the exact opposite of what I do. We could actually do an SAT exercise here: Preserving is to selling as history is to firewalls. Yep.

  2. Good job making it out for not 1 run, but 2! I haven't dared to venture out again yet and might have to take up water aerobics in order to keep my boobs in check. (And also to keep from peeing my pants Oak.)If only I lived near you dudes. I think we could have a laugh fest run. With maxi pads of course.

  3. Oak, do your kegels lady. Okay I forget to do them all the time too. But I have started, when I remember that is, doing them while I pump…to the rhythm of the pump to be exact. I think of it as some strange music video that no one would ever want to be subjected to. But it definitely helps with the bladder…..except for extreme laughing, no amount of kegels will ever keep you dry during extreme laughs.BU, I have to wear two of my tightest sports bras to keep the ladies in check and they still bounce way more than they should. Our runs would be hilarious! People would come from miles around to laugh at us.Oh I forgot to mention that the strange composition of my body makes my pants fall down when I run…and my pants make my underwear fall down, vicious cycle. So my first run involved me pulling everything up every 200 feet. We are just dripping with sex appeal these days ladies.

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