3 Months Ago

Oh my little Nugget, it is hard to believe that you are 3 months old. That is 1/4 of a year. And that means our journey together started about a year ago. I remember the day I found out you were coming. It is like it was yesterday. I was so excited…out of this world excited. I had been waiting for you for so long. I thought it might never happen, but then there it was…. the most beautiful word I had ever read “pregnant”… and for once there wasn’t a “not” before it.

So here we are and I am more in love with you than I ever thought possible. I could stare at your ear lobe for eternity and still be entertained and think of what a cute ear lobe it is. We have done so much with you, pushing you to see where your limits might be. We want to show you the world. We are excited for you to experience everything, but our days still feel complete if we just hang around the house playing and snuggling with you. So while I am excited to do more with you: take you more places, show you more things; at the same time, I am excited for more days of doing less with you. I am excited for it all! I love you little man.

Gotta love Andy’s crazy eye.

Bogger has taught him how to properly watch TV.

Our first official hike.

Sleeping on Auntie Em

Officially moving into 3-6 month clothes. Mom has some major packing to do. Good thing the closet doors close to hide that mess.

Playing with Spalding the Octopus.

Get out of here Mom! This is man-time.

Hey ladies.

Round little face.

Oh jeez Dad.

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