Seemed like a good idea at the time…..outcome unknown

This weekend will be the true test as to whether I will be running and screaming to the doctor’s office next week to get on some form of B.C. As I stated in my long ass vajayjay post we are not using protection…..but after this weekend we might change our minds about ‘how awesome would it be to have our kids so close together’.

Our next door neighbor’s kid is exactly 9 months older than Jack. They have tickets to this big country music extravaganza up in Grand Junction this weekend. Apparently it is like a Thursday – Sunday kind of a deal and she bought tickets for their anniversary. When she had some trouble finding childcare she thought about just going up each day and then coming home, but they would miss the shows they really wanted to see…….so Natalie volunteered to take their baby for the weekend so they wouldn’t be driving 8 hours a day and missing the whole purpose of going to the shows. Yep Saturday – Monday morning we will be attempting to parent, and you should know my definition of parent is “to keep the kid alive”, two babies.

Now first off, their kid is fuckin’ easy….or at least what I know of him seems easy. He is a super happy little guy and sticks to a strict schedule. He is in bed at 7pm every night and sleeps until 6am. Holy shit! Maybe he will rub off on Jack. The only thing I am worried about….his strict schedule. Contrary to popular notion, we are not schedulers with Jack. I loosely follow the Babywise method of Sleep.Eat.Play. And in general I try to get Jack down around the same time every night. But the neighbors are way more strict. Probably down to within 10 minutes. We tend to be a little more flexible. If Jack is happy and we want to finish a movie, he’ll stay up with us.

In my mind, flexibility works better for us. The neighbors can’t go out to dinner with us on the weekends unless we meet at 5pm and they have to be home by 6:30pm to get him in bed. I am big on lingering at restaurants and chatting….that doesn’t so much work for them.

So my worries are that this weekend might suck basically. Not from a difficult child, but from a difficult schedule. And I need to nail down the details with the neighbor. All we’ve talked about is that we will do it, we haven’t broached the subject of whether he will be staying at our house with us. I would assume his “schedule” would still work if he is sleeping in a pack-n-play at our house, rather than us moving Jack and ourselves over to their house for two nights….. I hope that is what she is thinking too. I get that our houses are only about 30 feet apart and there will probably be a lot of back and forth anyway. But I love my bed way too much to be that close to it without enjoying its comfiness.

But it will be good. It will give us a sneak peek at what we are potentially setting ourselves up for, if we continue on this ‘throw caution to the wind’ kind of thinking. I bet it will go great and hopefully it will be kind of fun. Jack is getting more into interacting with people, so I am curious to see if Nolan and him will just spend the entire weekend giggling and drooling on one another.

One way or another, it is only a few days…..The only thing I am seriously not looking forward to? The poop. I have been happily living in my world of exclusive breastfed poops…which smell like playdo.ugh to me….solid food poop = oh shit what was I thinking?


7 thoughts on “Seemed like a good idea at the time…..outcome unknown

  1. Oooh… I want to go to that music festival. There are some great entertainers coming this year. Sorry, off subject. 🙂 Good luck with two little ones in the house this weekend – you'll do great!

  2. The great thing about a schedule is that it goes with the child – so he'll probably do great going to sleep at your house if you do the stuff around the time that his parents do. My kids are on a fairly tight schedule, but they basically set it themselves (must run in the family). It really helps though when they've had to go to other peoples' houses (like when I'm in the hospital again for pre-term labor) to stay the night. Their schedule is like an invisible security blanket for them (they know when they're going to eat, etc). I wouldn't worry too much about it, since his actions will probably follow right on schedule (oh, it's 7:05pm and you're fussy – must be bed time). :)As for having kids close together, my first two are 11 months apart and it works pretty well. It's a lot of work, but they play together and keep each other entertained, and I think now that they're a little older, it's actually easier than having one who is constantly begging for attention all the time. It was really hard in the beginning, but I did a lot of things that helped take some of the hard part out. I don't really recommend 11 months apart, but if it happens, it's totally do able. 🙂 And my third will be 15 or 16 months behind the second, depending on if I carry her to full term or not. Big depending . . .Anyway, long comment – good luck this weekend! That is really sweet that you volunteered to watch their baby so they could get away for a weekend. 🙂 I know they will appreciate it so much.

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