Enjoying Life Dos

 Dudes! I just realized I have been doing you a great disservice as of late. I have forgotten to include random snippets of “culture” into my posts by adding things like “numero dos” and “mi zapatos”….Sorry about that peeps. I promise to restart the cultural infusion that you have come to expect from me….bahhhaaaa. So white it’s not even funny. Okay here are the pictures from our hike.

“Dudes why am I sitting alone on the ground?”
Checking out the lake ‘yep looks like a lake’
He was hard to catch because he turns his head faster than my camera takes a picture. Sneaky little bugger

Blurry but cute anyway.

‘This outside stuff is fun’

That is Twin Sister’s in the background.

“Blackhead Mountain” as Andy has named it and Longs Peak in the background with the snow.

Andy pointing out “columbines” to Jack. They were in fact not columbines, but he knows it bothers me when he says the wrong name of things. Other things he pointed out included “And this is the Deadwood Tree (Nope…just a dead tree) named after the TV show. When the TV show came out they decided to start a town named Deadwood”. I guess at 4 months old it doesn’t really matter what you say to him, he seems to just like the fact that you are having a grown-up conversation. It is kind of hilarious that he is starting to shy away from people who talk to him in a “baby voice”.
Eh while I am on a picture kick. Here are some more from recent happenings:
“Hi there!”

“I got this Dad”

“Hmmm not sure if this swinging business is for me”

“Oh but this is totally kick ass”

“I just want to point out how ridiculous you guys are for buying this towel”

Hmm what is going on here. What happens when you add Me + Andy + his sister + a bag of crayola markers….?

“Are you guys seriously my parents?…..I can’t believe how much this is making you laugh….Dorks”. Watch out ladies he looks like he is out to steal your virtue

Or he’s a three musketeer…..yeah sorry kid better start saving now for counseling.

5 thoughts on “Enjoying Life Dos

  1. Just seeing the Twin Sister's in the background makes me think it was probably a better idea that you stayed around the lake. That would have been quite the hike! So beautiful though. I can't wait to get out there. Jack looks like he had the time of his life!Love the pics 🙂

  2. OMG I LOVE the last two pictures!!! On one hand, I'm thinking, "What?!?! He DREW on his baby?!?" and on the other, I'm thinking, "Who cares?! It's hilarious!!" 🙂

  3. So… the baby backpack… I see wheels… does it also stroll??? And where does one find such goodness? And how much dinero does one have to drop for it?

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