This title might have just put me at the top of the FBI’s watchlist, but I can’t bring myself to care enough to change it. Well it seems “Pippa” has been hi-Jacked. She is in love. She said if I could have 100 babies like him, she would take them all. Whew! I was so relieved. I mean obviously I think that my kid shits rainbows, but I also look at other kids like they carry the plague….minus a few, don’t get defensive friends. I do like some kids. Anyway, so just because I think he kicks ass, doesn’t mean other people see him that way. But Pippa does. She said Jack was so wonderful. He just snuggled with her all day and wanted her to hold him. I was so relieved. Relieved that he didn’t cry all day. Relieved that she was a good fit for him and that he was a good fit for her. But…..no dice on the bottle feeding. Fuck! Say it with me people! Fuck!
And here’s why. I love my kid and if I could never be away from him for more than 12 hours (seriously kid? No bottle in 12 hours? You’re a crazy pants) that would be awesome…..but then again, it is kind of not that awesome. First, because my business trip to Oregon ended with the conversation about the next business trip to Oregon, which we may or may not be able to stretch out until October. Second, Momma has some serious plans for a much anticipated girl’s weekend in October…..hear that baby? much anticipated! These plans were in the works when you were still in utero and Momma wants to get her drink on with some of her favorite ladies. Not that momma hasn’t proven she can get her drink on and still feed you…..ahem….don’t call CPS. But Momma doesn’t want to be the only girl at the girls weekend who has to bring her stubborn-ass baby. Yeah I just called my sweet baby boy a stubborn-ass baby. Because he is. Stubborn!
Two months kid, you have two months to get this eating without momma thing down. Good news is, we are starting solids in less than a month. I am hoping starting solids will coincide with you taking milk from a sippy cup, which we’ve tried a handful of times, but you seem to equally resent. After that? I don’t know. I have no plan of attack after that. But it makes me worry. Worry about whether weaning is going to be a fucking nightmare. Worry whether this is going to seriously detract from my job. Thank god for that raise last year because it might be two years before Momma gets another one.
*Sigh* I know in the broad scheme of life, this is nothing. I am so thankful that this “challenge” isn’t something much worse. But seriously baby, please! for Momma’s sake can you consider the idea that drinking milk from some receptacle other than a boob is okay?
But on the upside, thanks baby for being such an epic rock star that even without food you capture the hearts of others. It makes momma feel a whole heck of a lot less guilty being at work, knowing that you feel safe and secure to be in the arms of someone else.


7 thoughts on “Hi-Jacked

  1. Glad he was a rock star for the nanny! That is AWESOME! I'm anxious to hear how he does with solids. I'm thinking Bunkey might be soon….he just SEEMS ready, so once he hits 3 months (10 days) I'm gonna try cereal. We'll see how it goes. Sucks about the bottle thing…I hope he gets it down soon. I know NOTHING about breast-feeding and weaning, but is cold turkey an option for you? Perhaps if he knew he had no other option (ie no boob 12 hours from now) he'd concede defeat? Like I said…I don't know anything about the situation…just trying to help!

  2. LOL, stubborn ass kid. I agree with Kate, I know nothing about BFing, but eventually he'll have to concede and eat one would think. Maybe? A mom had a good point on this board – if he's upset b/c he's hungry, he also just wants the comfort of the boob, so maybe try the bottle when he's not upset? I'm sure you've tried this already, but SHIT jack, your momma needs to drink!http://www.babycenter.com/400_how-can-i-get-my-baby-to-take-a-bottle_500130_1.bc

  3. Okay, who are these babies who CUDDLE? I guess I didn't realize that a few months ago when Mac quit cuddling that it wasn't something that all kids did? Until last night at my new mom group and the kid next to me curled up in his mom's lap the whole time and then fricking fell asleep?!?! The only time my kid sits contentedly in my lap is when I'm giving him a bottle (oops, sorry!). I guess its a weird trade, bottle for cuddle? My baby is just like his dad. Hrumf.

  4. I'm having the total opposite problem with Chloe – she has no interest in the boob. Babies will do what babies want to do I guess. Glad to hear the first day went great with Pippa though!

  5. My girl has been about the bottle and not so boob happy since day 1 so I have no advice. I'm bringing my pump with me to CO, but if you have to bring the real deal, no one is going to complain about sweet Jack ruining the weekend. šŸ™‚ I mean look at that face! Makes me smile.

  6. OF COURSE Pippa loves him! He's freaking perfect!!I have a bottle feeding idea though! How about if you just don't feed him at all until he agrees to drink from the bottle. I mean, he has to get hungry at some point, right? Eventually, he'll get his act together and just do what he needs to do. Survival of the fittest!(p.s. I would make an awesome mama… huh!)

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