First off, damn it. I uploaded my pictures and realized I seriously failed on the ‘taking pictures of our vacation’ front. But at least there are a few. Here they are:
First stop V.entis Cafe and Taphouse. Happy Jack and a couple of true pints (apparently most pint glasses are smaller than a pint? who knew?)

Jack escapes his stroller.

His new thing is to stand on your lap and lean on the table.
On our drive up the coast we stopped just after the He.ceta Light.house to hike the Hobbit Trail. The entire way Andy and I were signing “we’re taking the hobbits to isengaard”…..go here if you have no idea what I am talking about.

Carrying our own little hobbit



Then Bam! the beach. Epic.

‘Jack what do you think of the beach?’-Mom
‘It’s okay….you have a booger in your nose’- Jack

I could live here

Look a picture of me with my kid. How weird is that?

Back in the car, he fell asleep like this.

Stop in Newport for dinner at the Ro.gue Brewery.

Watching the boats while we ate/drank

Jack eats menu

Classy motel in Til.lamook. Who’s going out for ice? Classy pants.  
Natalie nerds out: takes family to one of the last WWII blimp hangars in the country. Is now an air museum….in case that wasn’t clear.

It is sizable.

Jack does the stand/lean while we watch the nerdy movie about the construction of the hangar.

In case you don’t believe that it is big, here is a blimp inside of it and there were about 30 planes on display. They blocked off the back half since they have more space then they have planes to display and it is used for Semitruck and RV storage. So kinda small.
Then family books it to Portland, where we meet up with my cousin and her husband who is home from Kuwait on R&R. We have lunch and beer at our hotel (The Ken.nedy Scho.ol = Rocks) then drove to Wi.ndame.r brewery? or something like that and tried their beer too. Then we came back to our hotel. Jack and mom napped. Dad went to the Cigar room and made friends. Hmmm where are the pictures of all this? Yeah = Fail. I did snap a pic of our hotel room. They are converted classrooms. So we had a blackboard. Fun. I took Jack into the soaking pool. Then put him back down for a nap. Andy and I had dinner and 1500 hours later (exaggeration) Bret and her fiance arrived (at 11pm….who stays up that late anymore) and we drank/visited in the bar. It was so nice having all this stuff on-site. Our hotel room was across the hall from the bar so Andy and I took turns going back to the room to check on Jack, who slept for like 3 hours straight. Teething = sucks. The next morning we woke up and Bret/fiance met us for brunch. Then it was back to the airport for us.
It was fun Oregon, hope to see you again someday….in a vacation- manner.

6 thoughts on “Oregonia

  1. That's hilarious…we share the same weird obsession with airstreams/RVs. I LOVE looking inside them..and have always always wanted one. I love all the different models and designs..and how they manage to squeeze so much shit into such a small space. There is an RV sales park near my house and I've gone 3 times. I think they hate me.Love your pics! Jack is such an adorable and happy baby. The beach looks amazing…mmm…

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