Too much Vomit

Perhaps it is time to come up with some rules, for myself, when it comes to TVT. Apparently you peeps are overwhelmed by my thought vomit. Sorry ’bout that. My brain is CONSTANTLY going. It jumps here and there and back again. I would say in a single day I probably think about 800 billion things….you know… speaking conservatively. The good thing about it: if you and I were to hang out, there would never be a lack of conversation. The bad thing about it:……um thereare lots of bad things about it. There are times I have to stop and explain to Andy how I got from one topic to another. My mom always called it bunny trails….she suffered from the same affliction. A word that connects you to a memory that connects you to something completely different, that leads to a random question that must be asked. Let’s look at an example of how this works:

We are watching “Stand By Me” on Netflix. Andy and Natalie discuss River Phoenix being dead. We can’t quite recall if it was suicide, at what age, etc. etc. While said conversation is going on, Natalie’s brain goes from River Phoenix – Joaquin Phoenix – thinks: What a nut job….what was that documentary about where he basically acted really fucking stoned and pissed the entire time? it had Ben Affleck’s brother or something?….totally a time waster…but he was really good as Johnny Cash – Johnny Cash thoughts lead to June Carter June was pretty kick ass. Not many people can pull off that lap harp thingie….who decides to play one of those? Then my mouth opens and I say ‘Do you think it is hard to learn how to play the lap harp?’. So as you can imagine this is a very strange question when you’ve just been talking about a character in Stand By Me. Poor Andy I am surprised he hasn’t had me committed.

But that is how my brain works….basically it is constantly going. All the time. Calculating, Questioning, Working. It is tiring sometimes. Thus booze is awesome.

So I apologize peeps. I will try to limit my vomit next Thursday to just a couple of items. Scout’s honor… that salute two fingers or three…..boyscout popcorn is so gross? Why do they still sell it?…..see what I mean?


8 thoughts on “Too much Vomit

  1. LOL, you can write about as many topics as you want. I'm just afraid to writing an entire post in my blog comment back! šŸ™‚ I love that you write just like you talk – the girls are going to love you in October. šŸ™‚

  2. I completely understand – my mind does the same thing. I also like to start sentences in my head and then finish them out loud (or vice versa). My husband is constantly asking me things like "and then?" My mom and I can have whole conversations like this with very little words. Very confusing to those that are watching/listening.

  3. I LOVE this post. I do the same thing, and it drives Dr Boy crazy. He often tells me to please have the conversation with myself OUTLOUD, and it'd make it a lot easier on him šŸ™‚

  4. Um, dood, the rools to TVT is that there are no rools. So get over your crazy ass self and keep thought vomiting on us, its not about us, its about you! Duh.

  5. I whole heartedly agree with Oak. Also, it's 2 fingers for boy scouts, 3 for girls, and boy scout popcorn is gross and did you know that girl scout cookies have different names in different states now due to different preferences? Like remember when Peanut Butter Patties became Tagalongs? They're still Peanut Butter Patties in Texas! And Samoas are still Caramel Delights. And I still remember the "On my honor…" thing we said in scouts but I don't remember the Girl Scout Law… and that reminds me of going up to Meadow Mountain Ranch and riding horses with you at camp, which reminds me of singing the One Tin Soldier song, which is a sad song. The end.

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