Cheer Up Buttercup

My girl Oak is sick….like super sick….like it is impeding her ability to drink beer and eat food. That should give you a reference as to how dire this situation is. She can’t even really taste the deliciousness that is a chocolate bismark (or what I know as a Boston Creme). OH the injustice of it all! No seriously though, she needs to get better ASAP. Since I can’t magically make her better the only thing I can really do is make her laugh. My specialty. So when I came across this little gem on FB this morning, I basically almost wet myself I was so excited to show her. Then I thought “why not make the rest of the world smile?”. So here you go peeps:

Now the picture by itself doesn’t mean a whole lot without my explaination. Hold on to your nipples. The dude on the right….the blue Jesus Tron guy? Yeah um…..that is my ex-boyfriend. BAHHHHAaaaaaahhhaaaahhhaaaaa……BBBAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAHAHAHAHA.
OMG……OMG…..No I am being totally serious…..I can’t breathe…..I am going to die….I am going to die and go to hell because I think this is too fucking funny.

Okay okay compose yourselves now………pshhaaaa…yeah hard to do I know. I have no information to tell you about this photo. He was tagged in his friend’s album (some friend that is) and there was no caption. I only assume the obvious that it has something to do with a church activity.

FYI this guy told me…before I broke up with his ass….that while he really really liked me he could never marry me because I wasn’t a Christian and that all his friends asked him why he was with me unless he was trying to convert me. I am not sure if that was his “conversion sales pitch” but it didn’t end well for him. Um I hate to say this, because I have a great many wonderful Christian friends (holla peeps!), but…well….bullet dodged. Let’s just stop with that.


4 thoughts on “Cheer Up Buttercup

  1. I may have you beat….I recently found out my ex from college is now the blue knight at Medieval Times at the mall! I saw pictures and it is hilarious! I'm always scared I'm going to run into him while he's in full costume while I'm out shopping for clothes! hahaha

  2. Oh wow. Wow wow wow. So many things. I love how they went as far as to match their sunglasses. I love the side panelling on the pants. I love the shoes. This is the best pic I've seen in a while…Oak, if this doesn't work you're screwed.

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