*blushing* Listen I have a confession to make. This is my first time. I’ve never done this ICLW thing….it’s true I am a virgin. At least I am a virgin when it comes to something, am I right? Well it’s time to jump in with both feet.

Hello there! My name is Natalie, I have been married for 8 years and was full on planning to never do what my husband and I have been doing for the past six months….parenting. Yep we spent the first 5 years of our marriage on the “no children for us thankyaverymuch” route. Yeah well then this bitch called “mother nature” did a doosey on my hormones and I changed the name of the game.

It took hubster a while to come around to my way of thinking. After all, he wanted to spend the rest of his life enjoying his money. The idea of giving your money away and having to endure activities you never liked beforehand….T- ball for example….really? does anyone actually enjoy watching it?….early on a Saturday morning when you should be sleeping off a hangover you earned from a wild night out on the town….well let’s just say he needed time. But eventually I convinced him, ‘hey we can do both’. That’s right people, we can be those parents at the T-ball game who are hidden under dark sunglasses, slumped down in our folding chairs, sipping on a gatorade (not just for high performing athletes) and putting our fingers in our ears when the other parents scream for their kid to run. You know why? because this is America. Where you can pour your vodka with cranberry juice and drink it too! After all, why the hell would you pour it if you weren’t going to drink it?

Anyhoodles, about threeish years ago…shit almost four now…we decided to have a baby. Doesn’t that statement sound so freaking easy. ‘Yep we’ve decided to have a baby, going to pick it out today from the baby store, and that will be that’. Well after realizing I should have bought stock in Clear Blue before we “decided”, we spent the next 15 months “waiting for our baby”. Damn storks, they are so lazy, always losing addresses and shit.

But I did win something out of that whole experience. Peeps! I never knew this whole world existed. A world of women who unbiasedly support one another. I never thought I would be one of those people with internet friends. But now I find myself saying things like ‘my friend is about to do her first IVF treatment and I am just so excited for her’. Then I have to stop myself when I realize, I haven’t actually met this person in real life. Holla, Amanda, only a matter of weeks girl!

You know what though? It doesn’t matter. I feel like I know more about these internet friends than I do about some of my own family members. We’ve shared some rough times and some fucking hilarious times. Mostly because I like to bring up inapropriate things like my vagina and poo.

As you might have guessed our future T-Ball all-star arrived last March. His name is Jack, he is the best baby that ever came out of my vagina (there’s my compromise since saying he’s the best baby in the world would mean your baby/future baby basically sucks). I couldn’t be luckier to snuggle this little squirmy chunk-monster. He is definitely changing my life for the better. And I am so glad we “made the decision to have a baby”. It’s been a wild road. There’s more to come. So buckle up, grab a drink, and enjoy the ride. 

Thanks for stopping by ICLWers. I can’t wait to read your stories!


14 thoughts on “ICLW

  1. Um hate to tell you but you will LOVE t-ball when it's your own kid. I'm the crazy soccer mom yelling and recording it all. I still have hangovers though. Some things never change.

  2. Hi there! Glad to be a part of your ICLW de-flowering! I love your sense of humor. You're totally going on my reader now. Deal with it. :-)Oh and PS – I'm currently in the process of helping plan one of my best friends' wedding. And she lives a 17 hour flight away from me. And I've never actually met her face to face. I love this community, don't you?

  3. Great post! And thanks for the comment on my blog 🙂 And like Josey said… I would so be with you on the t-ball field popping asprins and sipping gatorade. And I agree….this community is awesome. As bitter and angry as I can get, I swear when someone sends me an internet hug, it genuinely makes me feel better. So…hugs to you!

  4. Not only do I refer to these girls as my friends, I use them (along with people from reality TV) as "stories" to get my husband to do things. Seriously. Like, "But Mommy Odyssey's hubby said…" Also, I LOVE your banner picture. I might come and take your child. (See, I also say things like that. Thank Gd you aren't that new to this world, right?)

  5. Hee! Love the T-ball story as we are just entering the world of sports with my son and he wants to play T-ball. And I like to imagine your story about the parents is true :)ICLWer #76

  6. I am here from ICLW and will now be a dedicated follower! Your writing cracks me up. Welcome to the world of ICLW (although this is only my second time participating!) & can't wait to read more!

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