I wasn’t chopped into little pieces and scattered in the woods

I’m ALIVVEEEEE!!! Turns out the ladies were in fact, not serial killers and/or obese men pretending to be IF bloggers. Whew. That’s a relief! And you should know that I officially won the argument that started between Andy and me that these “imaginary friends” of mine were in fact not going to chop me up and leave me out in the woods. I love winning arguments…..almost as much as I like not being murdered. So I know there is a ton to tell you all about this trip, but a) I need to download pics from my camera first and b) today is crrrraaaazzzy busy. Therefore please head over to Amanda’s blog if you feel the need for a little taster from the weekend.

Oh but one last tid-bit of info before I go: Jack does in fact bottle feed. What’s the trick? you might be wondering. Well it appears our fuck up has been trying to feed Jack a bottle. Turns out if you put him in his bouncy seat and hand him a bottle the kid will feed himself. WTF? All that worry and guilt and researching solutions and trying different bottles and going crazy and avoiding business trips….turns out all we fucking needed to do was let the kid exercise some independence.

My milk supply was kind of fucked the entire trip. Turns out when you go from pumping once a day to exclusively pumping your boobs won’t just behave and let you do that. I got clogged up and I would sit there for 30 minutes and only release 2 ounces. Long story short, last night Jack was exhibiting signs of hunger and I was empty (probably a result of the pumping issues) so I asked Andy to try and see if he would take a bottle while I was there……and the little feller did! HOLY SHIT! Turns out he wasn’t that hungry but he took about an ounce on his own with me sitting right there in the room. Fuck me turns out we do not have a bottle feeding issue at all. *angels singing from the heavens* Hope you all had a kick-ass weekend and I promise I will be back soon!


10 thoughts on “I wasn’t chopped into little pieces and scattered in the woods

  1. I already read Amanda's post. COME ON ALREADY WITH THE DETAILS. jk, jk.Glad you ladies had a great time, and that you are not chopped up dead in the woods someplace.

  2. LOL, G said something to that effect when I called him the first time. You make me laugh lady.Miss you so much already. It really hit me once I was in the airport. The weekend just wasn't long enough.Still think that's hilarious about Jack. I agree with Jos..post that pic!

  3. Is your boob back to normal though? I hope so. I miss Jack – he is so stinking cute and such a good, chill baby!! (I miss you too, by the way) You are funny as hell on here and even better in person. 🙂

  4. That's awesome that Jack is taking the bottle! I can't get Penelope to hold the bottle at all…her arms are just reaching around to either claw my face or chest. Hopefully I can teach her to hold it soon…that would be awesome!Also, glad to hear you had a fun trip!

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