Using my Brain is Hard

My sweet Georgia Peach, Shannon over at Solo Pronto, bestowed upon me a Liebster Blog award. Now I don’t speak German, so the first thing I thought when I saw this button pop up in my dashboard was ‘oh dear, someone has misspelled Webster’… in the dictionary……what does the dictionary have to do with Blogging? I have no idea. That is just where my brain went and sometimes it is fun to follow it….because well if we didn’t follow my brain sometimes then this blog would be non-existent. So let’s just contemplate for a moment what the fuck a “Webster Blog” award would be. Perhaps somene who, despite rain or snow or ice or fog (or however that postman pledge goes) spells all things correctly. Um this for sure would not be me. Iz down’t spelle gud. Perhaps, in my case, a Webster Award would actually include the gift of a dictionary or like “free spell check for a year”, in which case, yes that would be appropriate for me.
Not to go on some sort of tangent….because I never do that….So I guess back to the point. Thanks beautiful lady for bestowing the Liebster Blog Award, or for those of us who defeated the Germans in WWI and WWII (that would be us by the way), the “Favorite” Blog Award. Don’t go letting those Germans think we’re friends again. I am still super pissed about that last world war. Shannon, I have to say I am a little surprised considering you are southern… southerners tend to be way more patriotic then all of us wild cowboys out here in the west……have I ever told you how many fights I have gotten into (verbal of course, can’t break these nails….even if they are imaginary) over the fact that Colorado is not the fucking west? A lot people. Let’s start by looking at a map okay. Technically Colorado is the mid-west and you “mid-westerners” are confused (as per usual). Back to the point….what was it?…Oh yes, I was talking about Shannon and how lovely she is.
Seriously dudes, I want her hair. Can we start there? Gorgeous! As she mentioned in her blog, we’ve kind of been dating. We’re taking things slow. Don’t want to rush into anything and have it all end in hate and regret. But you should all head over there and check her out.
Alright let’s see, I am supposed to nominate some other Liebster Blog peeps…wait is this like people who would actually read my blog and respond to an award? or are we just trying to pass along other favorite blogs? I am totally unclear on the deets (what else is new). I am going to assume that it doesn’t really matter so we’ll mix this shit up:
  • Honey is definitely one of my favorite bloggers….Um when she posts!!!! hint hint (she tends to drop off of the earth for bouts of time and leave my life empty and sad. Go check her out.
  • Rachel is one of my newest reads and I love her. She is honest and open and also dealing with the bitch that is IF. Fucking IF! She’s been having a rough go the past few weeks….I guess I should say an extra rough go. Two of her sisters just popped out babies….within like 20 hours of each other.
  • Natalie over at Awkward Sex and the City is first kick-ass because her name is Natalie, but also because she is a vulgar, potty-mouth, so obvi I love her. I don’t think she reads me though. Eh, whatevs.
  • This chick definitely doesn’t read me (she’s too classy for that…and like a professional blogger, so probably has no time to read other people’s blogs) but if we are talking about “Favorite Blogs” um she is on the top of my list. I want to crawl inside her camera and just live there. Her blog is beautiful and her life is totally like a fairy tale. 
  • How many of these do I need? I am bad with directions and impatient and lazy today, so that is all I am listing.
Thanks Shannon, you kick ass girl!

9 thoughts on “Using my Brain is Hard

  1. Literally laughed out loud reading your post today. I, too, live in GA and loved your southern references. I will readily admit that I think Colorado is "out west" but from here out I stand corrected. Thanks for keeping me in line 🙂

  2. 1. I am so excited! THanks!2. I love Kelle Hampton, too…she makes everything so pretty it's ridiculous! 3. Thank you again! xoxo

  3. Darlin, I just love you. You can come south any time you want and we'll put you up and talk about how UN-western you are and how groovy it is that you're a mid-westerner…or whatev. (Did I mention I lived in the mid-western state of CO for a whole six months?) Thanks for the compliment about my fro. I mean I work hard to keep this mess from turning all medusa and attacking those around me. 🙂 Lots of product. You're welcome for the award. I just love ya so much. wait, too soon for the L word? Meh, I don't care.

  4. THANK YOU!!!! Colorado is NOT the fucking WEST! Also, NO!!! I DID NOT GROW UP ON A DAMN MOUNTAIN! Plus also, I might punch the next person who says "oh, you're from Colorado, so you ski?" in the nut sack! Yes, I'm from Colorado, and yes, I have skied before, but the majority of us Coloradans sadly do not ski! Also, my husband insists on referring to Greeley as a city which is "just outside of Denver." Which drives me up a wall. If I'm driving from Greeley to Denver, I'm heading out on a fucking road trip, mkay? Like, pack up the snacks and burn a mix CD for the drive to Denver. I'm not just going to swing through Denver to run a quick errand on my way home from work. Whatevs. That is all. Thanks for setting the record straight, Nat Brat.

  5. Natalie, This is Honey's Mother speaking. How nice of you to mention The Honey B Blog in your list of favorites today. I know what you mean about Honey falling off the face of the computer once in awhile. She takes after he father in that way. I was planning to nag at her later this week about just that, but having a little backup is going to be Oh-so helpful! You have a great day. Queen B

  6. My mother woke me up at a godforsaken hour this morning to ask me how to comment on your blog. lol And for the record, I know I'm awful at falling off the face of the computer you two! 🙂

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