Whoa have I been a super slackity slacker when it comes to Thought Vomit Thursdays. Believe me it is not for a lack of Vomit. There is plenty in this her noggin’. Let’s get started:

  • My boss and I are friends again. I snapped at him yesterday, but today we’re back to our old knee-slapping ways. I just spent 15 minutes with him in his office staring down at two women in the parking lot who were going through a pile of clothes. He was like “NATALIE!!!! Quick! What the hell is going on here?”. He has two sons. So he has no idea the weird things that ladies do, like exchange clothing out of our trunks and what not. He’s like ‘wait, why didn’t she like that? not her color?’. Hilarious. Obvi I like it much better when my boss and I are friends. Maybe I have just had a stick up my butt lately, but he was getting on my nerves. After snapping at him, I re-evaluated and realized I should have dealt with that differently. Being a grown up is hard yo.

  • Turns out letting your friends live their own lives is a hard-learned lesson for me. It is good for me to remind myself though. I totally need to let things go and not internalize. Vague enough for ya? Yeah, I am not going to go further either.

  • I am like a giant ball of emotions. Happy, nervous, excited, scared, frustrated, all of that. Mostly it surrounds E and the impending arrival of her ADOPTED SON!!!! WHAAAT? Yeah, dudes. YOu know how I was like ‘I am giving my eggs to E’? Well like 45 seconds after that post she found out she is getting a baby for Christmas! HFS! Hang on, let’s spell that out, it deserves it. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! So yeah most of my emotions have to do with her. The others have to do with Josey’s new bouncing baby girl. And the rest have to do with my own life and work and shit. I won’t go into that on a TVT….I am still processing it anyway.

  • My Aunt, the one that is like almost twinsies with my mom, sent Jack an advent box this year. It was SUPER sweet and adorable. See my mom used to go all Martha Stewart on everyone’s asses and before Thanksgiving she would put together advent boxes for EVERY SINGLE ONE of my cousins, and my brother and I obvi. She would tie stuff to a ribbon and then each day we would pull the next gift out of the box. It was super exciting for a kid. So anyway, this year Jack gets a box in the mail from my Aunt on like December 2 and it looks like this:

It is so beyond awesome and I just wish Jack was a couple years older to really appreciate it because my Aunt went like all out. So every other day is a small gift, like bathtub dye (did you know this exists?) or a rubber ducky, but the other days she attached pictures of my mom with little notes about her. Like “Grandma Patty had the most beautiful hair. She wished it was straight, but everyone remembered her for her beautiful black curls”. Therefore every other fucking day I am crying as I help Jack pull the items out. It is both awesome and sad at the same time. I think I will save everything and put it back in the box next year so we can do it every year until he is old enough to really understand.
That’s about it for this TVT. Hope you all have an awesome Vomit-filled….thought vomit that is…Thursday.

13 thoughts on “TVT

  1. That gift is amazing! How special for your aunt to do that. I hope this Christmas won't be too hard without your mom celebrating with you for Jack's 1st Christmas. I know I am a ball of emotions about it. Hope everything with work and your personal life are A-OK!

  2. Awww I love the advent box almost as much as I love hearing your mom called "Grandma Patty!" I'd love to see more pictures of how one could make such a box. =)

  3. And…I'm crying.That is the sweetest thing in the world. I love it. Also, it's inspiring me to make a Hanukkah box for my 3 nieces/nephews on my mom's side with stories about their great-grandparents. So thanks.

  4. I am almost convinced that your good heart is what triggered our match…I'm serious. The thought that Josey and I could have kids so close in age makes me teary eyed. It's like a dream come true to me.That advent box is just about the sweetest thing. I love that your mom's traditions are living on. Your aunt must have known how much that would mean to you.

  5. That Advent box is the greatest idea ever! I think I might have to steal that and do one for S next year….and of course throw all kinds of stuff about my dad (his namesake) in it! Thanks for sharing!

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