It’s TVT Bitchesssssss! Yeah. Today I am like Natalie in hyper-drive and here’s why:
  • First up – Snow! That is right, we are having a blizzard RIGHT NOW!!! And I love snow. Especially before Christmas. I originally had planned to work all this week and next, but with the snow I have decided to take tomorrow off and we are going sledding. I don’t even care if no one else wants to go, I am forcing Big Butter, my SIL, Andy and Jack to all go sledding with me tomorrow. It is going to be epic.
  • Big BUTTER is visiting! YEAH!!!! I LOVE THAT DUDE….well obviously because he is my brother.
  • Last Night was Winter Solstice and we spent it with some very dear childhood friends of mine. Obviously I had to put Jack in a ridiculous sweater because hello….that is like my job. Here he is with my dad (who for those wondering, is doing awesome. All done with chemo and his PSA is ridunkulously low. woohoo)
  • It is Auntie Em’s birthday today! Auntie Em is Andy’s sister. She is completely awesome in every way. She has taken on the difficult task of updating my fashion. It is basically like having a free personal stylist. When we go shopping together, I am still looking at the first item I spotted and I turn around to see her with 14 things pulled. The girl is efficient.
Jack loves her because she always wears lots of accessories for him to play with. He especially likes her necklaces and scarves.
  •  It’s almost Christmas! Yeah dudes. This is awesome. Sure Jack is teething (number 2 is getting it’s cut on in his mouth) and a little crankier than normal (which let’s face it for him, this means he only smiles and laughs like 85% of the time…the dude is happy) and sure the roads are icey and dangerous, but that isn’t going to get this girl down. BECAUSE IT IS CHRISTMAS!!!! Or rather it is almost Chrishanukwansolsticivous! And the snow has made me really feel it this year. YAY snow!
  • Tiny shoes – We had a couple of pairs of baby shoes that were hand-me-downs or gifts. There was really no point to them, so we only put them on Jack once or twice. But recently I bought Jack some shoes from a consignment store ($3.50 each? WHAAAA? Such a good deal) and now I am so excited to put shoes on him. Sure he is like ‘what are these?’, but they are adorable. And I am pretty sure they will be useful soon. Notice the one-handed cruising? Little man is getting close.
  • I had a venti chai this morning! So there’s that. 
  • PEACE BITCHES! Have an awesome weekend.  

9 thoughts on “TVT

  1. OMG LOOOOOOOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas sweater!!! Such good news about your dad. I feel like ass for not asking about him. DOH. Forgive my self-centeredness.Way to go Jack! He's so advanced. 🙂

  2. So much excitement in this blog! I think you wore out your exclamation point key! LOL.I love Jack. He is so cute. And thrilled to hear about your dad!Merry Christmas!

  3. Jack is so cute…seriously, you make cute babies. And so glad your Dad is doing good!!And whatsa matter with you, thrilled about the snow…sick! Although lets be honest here, I have a snow hatred, which is incited every year in the godforsaken Arctic tundra…lol

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