Oh yeah, then there is this guy

So yeah, sorry to have not posted about Jack in a while. He is obviously doing awesome. These are the pictures I took at 10 months….well two weeks ago now….eh he is still technically 10 months. I can’t believe how fast the time is going. Next month I am going to have to seriously start thinking about that whole first birthday party issue…to throw or not to throw that is the question.

Let’s see, what’s going on with him? He’s got two teeth now…..so a little less behind than he was at 8 months. Someone…..and if I find this person I might punch them in the mouth….taught him how to shriek. It is both hilarious and annoying. It is hilarious when you are at home and he shrieks to call the dogs over to lick the inside of his mouth or to pass them his teething cookie. It is annoying when you are out in public and you are the fucker with the shrieking kid….and of course he likes to use his “skill” at random quiet moments. Sort of his way of saying ‘eh it is too quiet here…watch this shit’.

I guess annoying isn’t really the right term. It is still hilarious when he does it in public. Embarrassing might be closer to what the feeling is. He is starting to realize that “shhh” means to stop shrieking. So hopefully we will find a happy medium.

Breastfeeding a 10 month old is more interesting than say like a 3 month old. When they are 3 months, you are the boob handler…..which makes sense since you own the boob. When you feed a 10 month old, you are sometimes shocked to realize how coordinated and cognizant they are. It is definitely weird when I undo my nursing top, Jack crawls over and simultaneously face dives towards my boob and grabs it with his hands to achieve his preferred position. I find myself almost with my hands up saying ‘whoa there hey?’. Then I realize that was the point of the exercise….soooo it is just weird. On the one hand you find yourself thinking – way to go buddy you’re getting so big….on the other hand you are thinking – is this really inappropriate?.

Despite only having 2 teeth, the kid is done with baby food. It has been like that since before his first tooth was really prominent. So now he is eating pretty much what we eat….the soft stuff at least. Grilled cheese, real oatmeal (again baby oatmeal just pisses him off), he fucking loves black beans and rice. We were eating at a Mexican restaurant for a friend’s birthday and I thought I was going to have to fight him away from eating all of my beans.

Oh and if you still have a shit ton of baby food and don’t know what to do with it here’s a tip (which you probably already know but whatever): I add it to quinoa, rice, etc to help make it less dry and easier for him to swallow and what not.

The cow milk transition is going great. He had no issues what-so-ever with it. He is still getting a bit of a mixture, but we’re down to 1/4 breast milk 3/4 cow. He also seems to be done with bottles, so we are in the transition to sippy cups and when I help, real cups. The little dude loves to drink like a grown up, even though most of it ends up everywhere except his stomach. But it is hard to resist letting him drink out of my cup when after each “drink” he smiles with such a great sense of accomplishment on his face. Like ‘look at me! I am drinking from a cup!’. It is hilarious. I don’t have the heart to tell him that he sucks at it…..good thing he doesn’t really understand english yet.

He isn’t walking yet, but I think he is probably getting close. He now has the ability to get up the stairs, oh and off the couch. The first time he did it I almost had a heart attack whilst diving toward him to grab him, but he nonchalantly crawled towards the edge, flipped his feet over the edge, leaving his hands on the couch and slid down. I tried to wipe the panicked look off my face when he looked at me. I was like ‘wow, good job dude!’. Andy has confirmed that not every attempt is that successful, but all the ones I have seen have ended sans face plants.

I could obviously go on and on about him, but I mostly just wanted to confirm that I have still maintained the ability to keep him alive.


8 thoughts on “Oh yeah, then there is this guy

  1. Okay –

    First off, Mac is also a screecher except when he does it, I screech right back at him which inevitably makes me laugh like crazy and then stop screeching. Try it! We did have one time in Ikea where he and I were yelling back and forth at each other and instead of laughing and stopping the screeching went on and on but hell, we were at Ikea, that place is annoying without the screeching so who fucking cares, right?

    Second, Mac is also a huge fan of drinking from a cup, unfortunately its only when he’s in the bathtub and using the cup I use to rinse the shampoo off his head as his cup and instead of drinking something great like milk he’s drinking warm bath water. But since I subscribe to the immunity by exposure and “god made dirt so it wouldn’t hurt” mentality, I sorta just laugh at him while he does it. What can I say?

  2. Seriously, how did he get so big and grown-up looking?

    And – love the new digs! I think you’re going to love-love-love WordPress. The transition was a pain in the ass, but I wouldn’t go back to Blogger for anything – plugins are the bomb!

  3. “Is this inappropriate?” Kinda! And hilarious, nonetheless. Oh – and “inappropriate” never stopped me from doing anything else, ever, and I guess that extends to breastfeeding. FUCK!

    Annnnnnd. He’s adorable.

  4. What a big boy! I’m telling you….this transition stage is so much freakin fun! S is the same with sippy cups. REALLY interested, REALLY WANTS to, knows what to do….just not HOW. I finally found one that works, but the little turd won’t hold it for himself! Wait…did I just call my adorable little boy a turd? Oops….don’t tell my mom, ok? Yeah…and I tried to crawl right over the eidge of our VERY tall bed. I grabbed his ankle just in time. Oh and the shrieking. At a cafe. In a hoity-toity part of town. Luckily we were the only ones there. But then some other people did show up and they probably wanted a relaxing and quiet lunch. Oh well. So far S knows “no” (sometimes) and “come here” and a little bit of “shh be quiet please”. So really he’s a lot like a dog. I better go now…I’m calling my kid a turd and a dog…let’s quit before I say something I’ll regret!

  5. “is this really inappropriate?” LOL, such a hilarious mental picture 🙂

    I can’t believe how big he’s getting..and it will probably only go faster from here! xo

  6. He’s getting so big! Penelope just started crawling 2 weeks ago and is no where near getting off the couch without help! She also loves to drink out of a cup but hasn’t quite figured out the sippy cup yet. She holds it and chews it but won’t actually drink from it. Ah…baby steps. And…she turns 1 this weekend! aaahhh!

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