The Brigade

If I could get a full-time job flying about the country offering laughs, hugs and support to each and every one of you who has dealt with some terrible let-down I totally would….hell wouldn’t we all though? And tell you what – if I ever win lotto….which would in fact require me to play….I will totally do that. For each and every one of you. Promise.

This weekend the ladies and I are making just such a trip. The hooligans are headed to NYC to eat chocolate (and other food), have pillow fights, and braid eachother’s hair….okay maybe not so much…except for the chocolate, that is definitely happening. BU came up with some smart-ass name for ourselves, but I can’t remember what it was…..yep mind is blank.

I am excited. I am ready…I wish it was tomorrow…..well…wait…I still need to pack. Nevermind. I will wait until Friday. As you can probably guess, we are headed to see E from 

We all had a seriously strong desire to give her an actual hug after her not Merry at fucking all Christmas. So off we go. And I actually came up with a genius way to justify a second “girl’s weekend” in less than 6 months……ready?…Technically this is not a Girl’s Weekend at all because I am really just taking Jack to see his grandma. Bam! That’s how we do it.

Since everything on the east coast is all squished together, eventhough we are going to NYC, we will only be a little over 2 hours away from Andy’s folks in PA. So they are meeting me at the airport and taking the baby home with them for a couple days. Andy’s mom is like stupid excited about it. She skyped with me last night and she was like taking notes on a notepad and asking questions like ‘what sort of things doesn’t he like to eat?’.’How many ounces of milk do you give him at once?’…..I was like ‘uhhhhhhh…?’. No seriously sometimes I am reminded how I don’t actually know everything about my own child.

Obviously he has never taken a bottle from me. I can get him to drink a teeny bit of cow’s milk from a sippy cup when I feed him dinner, but that is about it. The few times I have tried giving him a bottle (when I was curious if he was still starving after BFing, or when I was empty) he looked at me like ‘seriously mom?…..seriously?’. The kid is a milk connoisseur….or maybe just a boob man.

But you know what? It makes Andy look like an effing rock star. He knows way more about Jack when it comes to eating then I do. My knowledge is ‘give him the right boob, then the left’. Andy is like ‘he drinks 5 ounces at such and such time, then 5 more about 2 hours later’. Anyway, this isn’t the point of this post, but here’s a shout out to my husband. Because seriously he is a way more knowledgeable parent than I am sometimes.

Anyway, I do like myself a challenge and what not, but I have quickly realized that I might be really asking for it this time. Traveling with Jack is no problem. Traveling while leaving Jack at home is hard for me emotionally, but also not a problem. Traveling with Jack and then sending him away for 3 days is a whole new animal. Not only do I have to take my pump, but I also have to take a kid, the stuff he will need for 3 days, AND some frozen milk. Oh and to make it more fun? We’re going to attempt to do it without checking a bag. BAM! That just happened…..or rather that is about to happen. We’ll see how this goes.

Luckily Andy’s mom is getting most of the supplies there so I don’t have to worry about hauling the travel bed and what not. I think it is totally manageable……I hope. Fingers crossed.


6 thoughts on “The Brigade

  1. Dude. Why not just check a bag??? No need to be all “Look at me, I am so easy and low maintenance that I can travel across country with this tiny little bag.” I’m checking a bag and we’re only there for 2 nights AND I have no baby with me.

  2. I am diggin that theme music…I’ve always wanted a soundtrack for my life.

    I am so freaking excited I am beside myself. I know that Jack will do great for those couple of days, but just the fact that you have to go through all of that to get here makes me love you even more!

  3. Love the name!!! Totally has a ring to it.

    So you’re checking a bag eh? This is the first time I’m going to try to do just carry-on but I’m doubting it will happen. How is everything supposed to fit?!?! This is NYC. I need options.

    See you TOMORROW!!! HFS.

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