Blow West Everyone! Blow West!

Now that I wrote that title it is making me think of “Go West Young Man Go West!”. That is in fact not my intention, but now that it is up there I fucking love it.

So of course this would be what is about to happen.  Yesterday it was 50 degrees and warm in Colorado. The past two weeks there has been less than a 1/2 inch of snow in the flat land…..and here we are 24 hours before my NYC trip and the weather service is like “SNOW-M-G we’re all going to die!”.

Good news is, no snow fall yet. Bad news is when it starts they are predicting 2″ per hour with 10 inches falling overnight. Mother effer. I choose to believe that the weather service is full of shit and their predictions are way off….and just in case, I choose to believe that the dudes at DIA are going to be plowing the runways all night….and since it has been so warm the past few days the snow isn’t going to stick anyway….so this will of course be a non-issue.

But as a triple-precaution I ask all my peeps to go out side, face west and blow like you’ve never blown before (naughty!). Push that shit into the mountains where it belongs! This girl has a plane to catch, five ladies to hug, and frozen hot chocolate to be eaten! I have to get to that dessert fucking weather service!

For those of you who have no idea what I am referring to when I say “frozen hot chocolate” um you obviously need to have a date with your VHS player (because we all still have those) and watch Serendipity. And for those who really want to be tortured, here’s the website for said dessert.

6 thoughts on “Blow West Everyone! Blow West!

  1. I work for the weather service. When we say blizzard? We (usually) mean blizzard. Blow me 🙂

    Really though, I hope you make it out all fine and dandy… because this weekend is going to be ridiculous amounts of fun and i’m jealous.

      • Hee hee… I *am* glad it all worked out and that you guys had a blast.

        Of course, I work for the weather service in Cali, and we’re still trying to figure out what that whole “blizzard” thing means…

  2. Danny and I always talk about how one day, when we are rich, we are going to Serendipity and getting the $1000 chocolate sundae that has gold on it. 🙂

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