I Have No Idea How That Worked Out

I made it back….thus you can deduce that I made it out on Friday morning. It was all just random luck by any way you paint it. I woke up with about 5 texts saying ‘they are cancelling flights out of Denver!’. I checked the website and called about 4 times on the drive to the airport, my flight was still listed as – on time.

I did end up checking a bag after I realized that I do not in fact have enough arms to handle a baby, a stroller/carseat, a diaper bag and a suitcase. As luck would have it, they checked my bag for free. The lady was like ‘it showed that you got a free bag….or maybe it didn’t? it doesn’t really matter’. Um awesome!

Then when I boarded the plane the gate attendant said ‘I think we have an open row for you!’ So I got to try out my Sit-n-stroll on the airplane as well. It was nice not to have to hold Jack on my lap the entire time….oh and let me tell you, traveling with a 10 month old is a little more challenging then when he was much younger. He no longer fits completely on my lap and if we had had a person next to us, they would have been kicked/felt up/drooled on/etc. Having a whole row was amazing. I could let Jack crawl around on the middle and window seats and block him from getting out into the aisle.

All-in-all, I consider the trip to NYC one of the luckiest days of my life. How I got out, got a free bag check, and a whole aisle to myself? I have no idea. But on the bus-ride back to Newark yesterday I decided that I must have made it solely for the purpose of rubbing some luck off on Amanda…..yes I literally rubbed up against Amanda a couple times just in case I really did bring some luck with me.

The trip was amazing…..Serendipity didn’t happen. We arrived at almost 10pm and it was going to be a 2 hour wait. But then something better happened. We stumbled upon Dylan’s Candy Shop. Which wasn’t crowded and offered unlimited delicious options.

Jack and his grandparents had a blast. They absolutely loved having him for the weekend and I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I am pretty sure I am their favorite daughter-in-law now……we don’t need to point out that I am their only one.

I have a TON more to tell you, plus pictures galore. But I just wanted to check-in. It was amazing. I love NYC. I love those ladies. Hell I love everyone and everything….except for the pretzels we bought in Central Park….those were gross.

3 thoughts on “I Have No Idea How That Worked Out

  1. So glad you made it out AND back! Dylan’s is definitely a cool store – my girlfriend used to work there and loved it. You know that’s Ralph’s daughter Dylan, right?

    • Yeah E and Oak both told me all about it. It was lots of fun. Oak had cheesecake and hot chocolate, I had ice cream, BU had a chocolate covered strawberry and a cupcake, Kelly had a birthday cake hot chocolate. It was amazing how much variety they had. Yumm!

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