BlewYork 2012

That title is a little misleading. Our trip certainly didn’t blow. It was fantastic. But it is the only combination of Blog and New York I could come up with. I am tired people. New Ylog wasn’t much better. At least BlewYork is funny and a little dirty.

Okay on with it. We all arrived at different times, so the communal meeting place was our hotel. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to snap pictures as we were all hugging and crawling onto the hotel beds to start our first conversation. Our first outing was to Rosa Mexicano, one of E’s favorite restaurants. It was gorgeous! Obviously I am an old building nerd so I loved the setting, the interior was amazing, and the food, delicious.

This dude, who was not as happy as we were, made us guacamole right at our table. Delicious guacamole.

Here are some pictures of the ladies. The interior was obviously very redish pink and moody, so my pictures aren’t that great.

Amanda and I took a picture at the same time, thus it looks like E and Oak are caught in a photo shoot.

After dinner we walked through Times Square. They have changed it a lot since the last time I was there. They’ve blocked off areas of the street just for pedestrians, they put tables and chairs out. It is quite different. This area of New York is definitely Vegas-esque.

E found a fellow asian to take a picture of us all together

We were all pretty wiped out from traveling, so back to the hotel for a pajama party.

Saturday morning we grabbed coffee and hit the town. We were originally in search for the best donut in NYC, but arrived at said bakery only to not see the donuts promised in the article. WTF? Our 6 person gang not-so-gracefully backed out of the bakery and headed on to Central Park.

Yes I made them pose for me. Look how cute they are.

Central Park was the location of the Worst Pretzels Ever Consumed. We should have known better. A $2 pretzel in NYC? Obviously the price was a warning. The idea was just so romantic.

BU is pretending it is good. But we’re about to throw them away.

From CP, we headed to the subway and down to the World Trade Center. We hadn’t really planned to do anything other than visit, but a pamphlet vendor told us that the tickets to get into the site were free and pointed us to where we could get them. It seemed silly not to go. We had about an hour before we could go in, so we sat down for a slice.

Delicious delicious pizza.

Obviously since we are with this group of ladies, there was need for some sweet treat to follow-up our pizza stop. So then it was on to Au Bon Pain for cupcakes and the most hilarious series of pictures taken during this trip.

BU discovers Creme Brule Cupcakes

BU gets really excited!

The unthinkable happens.

We scooted over to the memorial. We got a little lucky on our timing because as we were coming out the line going in was backed way up. Apparently there was a large crowd of people following us around the city.

The memorial was amazing. We all were struck by the tasteful way the buildings were memorialized. I got chills looking down at the water sweeping into a seemingly empty abyss. Surprisingly this was the site of our first tears of the trip. I think we were all bracing ourselves for a tearful weekend, but honestly we just had such a good time. There was one element at the memorial that grabbed all of our IF heartstrings and tugged hard.

 From there it was time to relieve some engorgement. So we headed to a department store nearby and Kelly, BU and I sat in a stinky bathroom extracting milk. Funsies.

After a quick stop at Battery Park, the group split off into two teams, one group went to get 10 minute massages and pedicures and the other nerdier group went to MOOD. I’ll let you guess which group I was in. I would have graced this post with 8,000 pictures of the rows of fabric, me hugging the rows of fabric, me hugging the people who work there, but they took my giant bag at the door, so I was sans camera. Le sigh. But I did get two extremely cute and expensive fabrics….which I will be doing something amazing with when I figure out what.

After MOOD we found ourselves with a beer craving on our hands. So we headed to an irish pub and rendezvoused with all the ladies. After a couple of beers we were ready to eat again. Off to the subway we went in search of some delicious food in China Town.

Amanda was good at spotting the rats running about the subway.

The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but we were smashed in at the table, but the food was so worth it. We stuffed our faces and barely said a word except ‘will you pass the fried rice?’ ‘let’s order more of this!’. It was delicious. We were going to walk to the Brooklyn Bridge, but instead decided that a drive-by in a cab sounded much warmer. So we hailed a cab and off we went. Next stop Serendipity.

The amount of people gathered around Serendipity was crazy. I am not actually sure how big it is on the inside. All we could see was a wall of people and a guy coming out asked his wife ‘do you really think it is an hour and a half wait?’. We decided it was too late to sit around for 2 hours for a frozen hot chocolate….okay well everyone else decided. Obviously I would have done it. As we were walking our way back towards Bloomingdale’s to catch a cab to the hotel, we stumbled upon Dylan’s Candy Bar. It was like a glowing beacon in the night. Come in, come in – it beckoned to us. And we obliged of course.

After we quenched our sweet tooth, it was back to the hotel we went. For another pajama party, this time with facial massages from BU! Then I braided her hair. No I really did. She has amazingly beautiful hair and I wanted to play with it.

It was our last night all together. We regretfully went to bed and all promised that it wouldn’t be too long until we were together again.

The next morning Kelly took off first. Followed closely by Oak. Soon we were down to just four ladies. We walked around, in search of one last adventure. We located a delicious pretzel to make up for the atrocities of the day before. Then we hopped a cab to F.A.O Schwarz to play on the giant piano.

I found a Canadian molesting Indiana Jones.

Then we found a map depicting that moose are the only Canadian inhabitants.

All too soon we were grabbing our bags for one last stop. Grand Central.

A beautiful ending to a beautiful weekend. A few more tears were shed as we hugged one last time.

As sad as it was, there was one little face I was itching to see again. How I missed this little man.

So that was the end of our quick adventure to the City. It was wonderful to give E a real hug and we all left with our hearts a little warmer.


10 thoughts on “BlewYork 2012

  1. “E found a fellow asian to take a picture of us all together” — Oh my gosh, I laughed and laughed and laughed at this, and Charlie thought I was crazy.

    These pictures made me so fucking sad and so fucking happy all at once. I’m getting an inkling of how E must have felt after Blogorado. *sigh*

    That pic of the name of the Mom and her unborn child… just…wow. Major tears.

    Looks like an amazing trip ladies – I can’t wait for Sept!

  2. I literally burst out laughing at Kristy’s high creme brule cupcake face…ahh memories.

    oh E and her fellow asians..

    Awesome summary Nat. I’ll hug a local moose for you xo

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