It Has Been Decided

I am not intentionally avoiding my blog. I have just been super busy with work and life. But when I realized that the last post I wrote was a “Whoa is me” post, I was like ‘they are going to think I am still wallowing in self-pity’. Not the case I assure you. I am pretty much over it. It sucks, but whatever. Life goes on and I am definitely not the type of person who likes to stay down for long.

As you might remember, I got up on my soapbox a while back about how silly 1st birthday parties are…..wait did I ever write about that? I don’t remember. My real life and my “imaginary life” (as Andy likes to call blogging) gets confused. Here’s my stance, the kid doesn’t care about getting presents at all. And usually it is just an awkward dance between parents and babies where the mom is like ‘hey! Loooook buddy! looook….hey! hey! over here baby! Isn’t this so cool?…buddy?……buddy come see this…..buddy?’. Yeah the kid could care less about his presents. Give him a plastic bottle and he will be more entertained then the most expensive gift. For that reason alone, I was ready to boycott the 1st birthday party.

I just figured there wasn’t really a point at sending out invitations and getting cake and what not. I thought instead it would be fun to just spend the day with our little family unit, go up to the mountains, or to the museum, or something where we would spend time together just the three of us. Well I told my SIL about it, who was like ‘that’s a good idea!’. And in an effort to be the go-between, in a conversation where my MIL mentioned coming out for Jack’s birthday, my SIL told her we weren’t having one. She was just trying to take the pressure off of me, but apparently it hurt my MIL’s feelings. I never would have told her ‘don’t bother coming for a visit’. She is welcome to visit whenever. Basically….ugh….it just caused a bit of a mess. Of course then I felt guilty for having hurt my MIL’s feelings. So….yeah….guess what is happening?

Yep, we are having a first birthday party. Le sigh….what is worse? I have become a party-planning nerd. Um what happened here? Where did my principals go? Two weeks ago I was like ‘um no way’, and now I am like ‘I need to go to a bulk candy store to see if they have gummy sharks’……who is this person?…..Damn it!

So it really isn’t a big deal to throw a small party to make my in-laws happy. Whatever. They should get to celebrate my kid’s birthday if they want to. I need a good excuse to deep clean my house anyway. And I guess getting excited about it is okay too. I know Jack likes cake and ice cream, so I am kind of excited to see if he will just dive in and go wild. The presents situation is unavoidable, I have tried to tell them to not buy him presents, but they do it anyway….thus how I have a shit ton of noise-making thingies post-christmas. But my plan is to attempt to completely forget about opening presents. Plus it is only going to be Jack’s grandparents (all in one house, lots of family drama, this could get fun), his aunt and a few close friends. I think it will be okay……I hope.

So I decided on a theme after finding an adorable invite with a shark on it. Then I got a little crazy and started thinking about making sandwiches with fins and what not. I have since talked myself off of the Martha Stewart cliff and landed somewhere in the middle. There will be cupcakes and because one of my besties is a caterer/baker/mini-martha-stewart she will be making a watermelon (pending if they are in season) that looks like a shark with fruit in it’s mouth……this is what happens when you tell your caterer/baker/mini-martha bestie you are throwing a birthday party. Other than that….there will just be lots of beer.


7 thoughts on “It Has Been Decided

  1. I think a small party to celebrate your little guy sounds perfect! We will probably go the same route, just a small get-together with family and maybe a few friends. I’m impressed though, a watermelon that looks like a shark?!

  2. You’ll be happy you did it. I love the pictures and memories from Bugs’s 1st bday. You can always say “please no gifts” on the invite!

  3. I went pretty big for Bud’s 1st birthday because it was my first kid and I had recently moved far away from my family and friends and it was the prefect chance to sucker them, I mean invite them, for a visit to my house. However, Babe got totally gipped! (jipped, gyped? I never know) Her 1st birthday involved my in-laws and SIL’s and that was it. Honestly, Babe’s was a better party!

    I want a watermelon shark! How awesome is that! I wonder where I can find myself a caterer/baker/mini-martha bestie!! Do you think they sell them at Target?? (I hope so! I’d prefer not to shop for a best friend at Wal-Mart.)

    • I agree they can only be found at Target :). I would say you could totally borrow mine, but I am kind of selfish and a friend hoarder… yeah, you can’t have her….unless you just want her to make you a watermelon shark, then that would be okay.

  4. Hah, I love the shark theme! I’m glad you’re having a party, I think it will be a fun thing to look back on. My 1st birthday party was a candle stuck in a corn muffin, which cracks me up to this day. lol

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