What It Feels Like

I have thought about this post for a long time. I was having a conversation with E a couple of weeks ago and just feeling absolutely helpless. I don’t like feeling helpless. I am a solutions type of person. We know the problem – our nearest and dearest need babies. It is the solution that gets everything all mucked up. Since stealing babies is sort of frowned upon that leaves absolutely no way for me to help solve the basic problem. Here’s my attempt to describe the situation:

IFers – Hey guys!

Other-siders – Hey! You guys should totally come over here!

IFers – Definitely! How did you get there?

OSers – Some of us just woke up over here, some of us did IUIs, IVF, etc. But here we are!

IFers – OMG that is great! We are so happy for you guys! Your babies are so cute and you are such great mothers…..hey how the fuck do those chicks get on that bridge?

OSers – We don’t know? Those women just appear out of nowhere. We can’t find the entrance. Hmm I really wish we could help you guys get over here.

OSers – Wait I know! Here! try these!

IFers – Um Yum! What are these?

OSers – They are donuts…..is it working?

IFers – Yeah I don’t think so. But they sure are delicious.

OSers – Dang it…..what else can we do?

OSers – Hey I know! Here hang on to this rope, we will pull you over.

IFers – OMG yes! This is awesome…..wait a minute. There are sharks in the water. Pretty sure we can’t be pulled over there.

OSers – Damn it!…..there has to be something.

IFers – Yeah, I really wish there was……

OSers – I guess all we can do is wait here for you and keep you company.

And that is about it. We can lob donuts over there all day, but the only real thing we can do is be here for our buddies and keep them company while we wait for that magic fucking boat to motherhood.


8 thoughts on “What It Feels Like

  1. Well, I have fallen even deaper in love with you. I love this post, I love this cartoon, and I LOVE you! Your empathy is beyond and that helps those of us stuck on the other side in a way that I can’t even describe. You are amazing.

  2. So true. *sigh* I wish there was a way we could make that damn cloud start dropping babies a little quicker for our friends!

    Awesome cartoon by the way. 🙂

  3. This is SO cute, but I wish it wasn’t true. 😦 The cartoon is awesome and I wish we could use donuts as a way to get babies to all those deserving people out there!

  4. This is soooo darn sweet, and how I love the little people. In fact, I think a video game designer should snap this up. Wouldn’t it be cathartic to aim babies at the women on the crappy side of the shark-lake? (“Don’t bother me, I’m giving babies to infertile women.” beep beep beep) I hope very much that our company is comforting and not just annoying…

  5. Love it! Sometimes it can feel like the Other Siders don’t want to understand – comments like well its ok to not have kids, mine drive me crazy – and such, so its crazy refreshing to hear something that is a little more empathetic without being dismissive! You rock! 🙂

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