The Beginning of the End

The electric baby and I have officially broken up. Sure he/she needs a momma too, but I am not her, so see ya electric baby! In the back of the closet you shall go until round 2.

Our relationship actually ended last Wednesday when I went to a conference and realized I had made no pumping plans. Pumping at a conference was just not that feasible. I wasn’t staying at the hotel and had to haul around my coat, scarf, notebook, purse, as well as the shit I picked up from exhibitors. So even if I had remembered to bring my pump, it would have just made moving about impossible.

I have not pumped for a couple of days a week before. I figured it wouldn’t really be that big of a deal. That thought coupled with the fact that my pump output has been so low anyway….like really low…..really really low. One day a couple of weeks ago I actually just dumped it out because putting less than an ounce into a freezer bag just made no sense. So yeah, things were tapering off as is. When Monday rolled around and my little pump reminder popped up on the screen – yes I schedule reminders for myself – I looked at my pump, let out a sigh and decided I was absolutely happy to let it go.

I am still feeding Jack at 6am, 6pm and sometimes again around 9pm. And on the weekends if he seems to want to nurse mid-day we will do that too. But the rest of the day he is drinking full cow-milk bottles and eating foods and shit. I have to say the release of the electric baby was the easiest thing. I was surprised. Full weaning? I have a feeling I won’t be so blasé about that one. I plan to take my time though. Maybe stretch it out at least a couple more months if it is possible.

I did send an e-mail to my acupuncturist to get her opinion on starting up Aunt Flow. She was all for giving it a try, but her response seemed to recommend we wait until Jack is fully weaned. It seems kind of weird to be thinking about getting back into the whole trying to get knocked up boat. I wonder if I am ready?….TBD


12 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End

  1. Ahhhh……we are SO on the same page! I looked at the calendar and saw Little Man’s 9-month appointment and here we are again, talking about #2! We always said between 9-12 months we’d start trying again, so I guess we’re in the window. But not really, since I just can’t come to grips with the fact that my baby is growing up and I don’t want to replace him with a new baby…. So I guess we’re just in the transition phase for a bit….get us all warmed up to the idea of starting that roller coaster all over again!

  2. Baby #2?? I’m excited just thinking about that for you. I can’t relate to those of you who have BF/pumped for as long as you have, but I’m sure putting away that electric baby had some mixed emotions. I for one was happy to see it go though (after only 3 months).

  3. This is so timely, as I was just thinking how much I hate my electric baby. (LOVE that phrase!) I know it must sound stupid, but I was thinking “will I still be able to nurse at night and in the morning if I stop pumping during the day?” And I guess I wasn’t sure what to do with weekends… but I’m just so bummed by the whole experience of desperately sucking out an ounce and a half while some student waits for an appointment right outside the door…But of course Jack is a grown up baby, while I am obviously a terrible person for thinking of taking such a selfish step before mine’s a year…

    P.S. Don’t let your baby eat shit. Foods are okay, but shit?

    • so true. letting him eat shit would make me a bad mother….not saying I am the best mother but whatever. You know, you will do what you can with what you got. If you need to stop pumping, technically you are still nursing and bunbun is getting the benefits of your milk. I am not saying ‘YEAH let’s all throw out our pumps!’ but you do what is right for you and don’t think about what/how everyone else will view it. Fuck them, that is what i say….just kidding, don’t fuck them. That sounds tiring.

  4. I love how ok you sound with it. That’s how you know it was truly the right time and decision. It’ll be the same with the little man. You’ll do it in your own time and when you’re ready. I’m just glad I got to catch the live show before you officially put the old girl away. 🙂

  5. I’m 3 months in and already excited to leave my pumping days behind. I LOVE BFing…pumping, not so much, especially at work. 😛

    #2!!! So excited to think about it for you!

  6. I looooathed pumping. Like, hated it fiercely. And hauling a pump around is no fun, even if it comes in a cutesy backpack or whatever. When I ultimately made the decision to stay home with Arlo I stopped pumping altogether. When we moved several months ago, I didn’t even pack the pump. Blech. And it’s so weird about when the return of AF unfolds . We still nurse pretty heavily here, even with three decent meals of solids and snacks throughout the day. I figured my AF days were far ahead of me, but she returned at 14mo last month.

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